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Is hummus healthy? And what do you do with it?

  1. Nowadays you stumble across a shelf full of hummus in every supermarket. Not only fit girls and diet gurus are fans of it, the 'ordinary Dutchman' is also getting used to it more and more. But is hummus healthy if you get it from such a ready-made container from the supermarket?

  1. In this blog post, we'll discuss what makes hummus so popular, and what are the pitfalls to keep an eye out for. And of course we'll give you some tasty hummus recipes with which you can vary endlessly.

Chickpeas healthy?

  1. Chickpeas are the main ingredient of hummus. Whether hummus is healthy depends mainly on them. Fortunately, this is all right: chickpeas are incredibly nutritious, with lots of protein, fiber and slow carbohydrates. They also contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Chickpeas are particularly useful for vegetarians. Not only because of the proteins, but also because they contain a lot of B vitamins and iron - substances that you normally get from meat. However, even if you do eat meat, chickpeas are a very valuable addition to your diet.

Ingredients hummus

  1. Hummus isn't just chickpea paste, though. Often there is also a good dash of oil through it, to make it smoother. This is usually vegetable oil that is reasonably healthy. At the most, you have to be careful with the amount of omega 6 fats you consume in relation to your further diet.

  1. Other ingredients are mainly seasonings. Sesame seeds and lemon juice, for example. Often some salt and sugar is also added to the hummus you buy in the supermarket. You have to pay attention to how much that is, because that can differ considerably per brand!

Is hummus healthy?

  1. Is hummus healthy with that list of ingredients? If you make it yourself - with good olive oil and no sugar - it is definitely good for you. Making it yourself is very easy, as we explain in this blog. A must try!

  1. Do you not have time or feel like diving into the kitchen? Store-bought hummus is still a decent option, assuming you're going for good quality. So always read the ingredients list to check if too much junk has been added.

Flavored hummus

  1. That advice to read carefully applies especially if you go for hummus with a flavor. You know them, the varieties with pumpkin, avocado, grilled vegetables, pesto, garlic, peppers… You can't think of it, if it is combined with hummus. (Even sweet varieties like date or chocolate hummus are available in the supermarket these days!)

  1. The problem: in addition to that extra ingredient, a whole bunch of other seasonings are often added immediately. It is therefore important to check the ingredients and nutritional value.

Hummus recipes

  1. The answer to the question â € œIs hummus healthy? Â € is yes, provided it is not too crazy. Then of course we have to see what you do with that hummus. You can of course spread it on your bread, but that also gets a bit boring at some point.

  1. Fortunately, there are many more hummus recipes in which you can use it! For example, think of:

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