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Is kefir healthy?

  1. Kefir is a drink that can be made from milk, coconut and water. It features powerful lactic acid bacteria that have some very good health benefits. They can, among other things, reduce asthma and allergies. Kefir has more good qualities, what are these?

What is kefir

  1. Kefir is a dairy drink originally from Russia. It is fermented and, like yogurt, is rich in good bacteria, also known as probiotics. These good bacteria ensure, among other things, a good intestinal flora.

Is kefir healthy?

  1. Healthy lactic acid bacteria Yogurt is known for having probiotics. However, kefir contains more healthy bacteria than yogurt. There are unique lactic acid bacteria in kefir. This even includes bacteria that can improve the body's ability to defend itself against infections. They can also prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella and Helicobacter pylori.

Kefir can reduce the risk of osteoporosis

  1. In osteoporosis, the bones are weak due to a decrease in bone mass. This increases the risk of fractures. Osteoporosis is very common in older women. To strengthen the bones it is important that you get enough of the mineral calcium. Kefir is a source of calcium. Kefir not only has calcium but also vitamin K2. This vitamin enhances the role of calcium, making calcium better absorbed by the body.

Kefir is for people with lactose intolerance

  1. Because K'kefir is fermented, there is less lactose in it. As a result, people with lactose intolerance can often tolerate kefir better. However, it is personal, not everyone benefits from it. It's a good idea to start with small amounts to see how you react.

Kefir helps against the symptoms of allergy and asthma

  1. People with hypersensitive immune systems are more susceptible to allergies, which can trigger conditions such as asthma. Allergic reactions are caused by inflammatory reactions against harmless substances from the environment. One animal study showed that kefir can suppress these inflammatory responses, another [!LINK2 indicates that inflammation of the lungs is also a component that kefir may be able to relieve. More research is needed to see if the effects are the same on humans.

Kefir types

  1. Milk kefir The most famous kefir is the milk kefir. It is therefore available in the major supermarket chains. The fermented milk kefir has a similar taste to Greek yogurt. The longer the kefir is fermented, the stronger the taste. There are different flavors on the market because there is a market for this, because these people prefer kefir with a flavor. However, all flavored kefir also ensures that you get extra sugars in your diet.

Coconut kefir

  1. Coconut kefir is made from coconut milk or coconut water. Coconut milk is made from the hard white part of the coconut, which is pressed so that only the juice remains. Coconut water is the liquid that is already in the coconut when you open it. No dairy is involved in the process of making coconut kefir. Coconut milk and water are both perfect for making kefir. They naturally already have carbohydrates, including sugars. These are necessary in the process of making kefir and in order to obtain the healthy bacteria. The coconut kefir is sweeter than the milk kefir.

Water kefir

  1. Water kefir is normally made using sugar water and fruit juice. The water kefir is less thick than the above types. Water kefir is a healthy drink that overshadows soda. You do have to pay attention to the type that you drink. Get one from a good low sugar brand.

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