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Is magnesium healthy? 5 health benefits

  1. The human body cannot function without magnesium. The human body has its own supply of magnesium, about half of which is stored in bones. The mineral is responsible for more than 300 vital processes in the body. Magnesium helps support bones and the nervous system. But is magnesium healthy? What are the health effects of swallowing this mineral? Scientific research on this mineral has not stood still.

Table of Contents

  1. Is taking magnesium healthy? Supplement intake can improve sports performance Magnesium supplements can be effective in the treatment of mild depression Magnesium may help with high blood pressure Magnesium aids sleep Magnesium can help reduce inflammation Swallowing magnesium supplements and the health effects

Is taking magnesium healthy?

  1. Various studies have been conducted into the intake of magnesium and the health effect on the human body. In general, there are several scientific studies that show that taking magnesium can have various health benefits.

Taking supplements can improve sports performance

  1. Several studies have been conducted on the relationship between magnesium and sports performance. The mineral has been shown to affect your sports performance. Taking magnesium supplements can increase your sports performance [!1]. In a 2014 study in which volleyball players took 250 mg daily, an increase in jump power and arm movements was found [!2]. In a study of the sports performance of older women, 124 people were examined who took supplements for 12 weeks. The aim of the study was to investigate whether athletic performance also increased. The group of people who took supplements daily noticed an increase in gait and muscle strength [!3]. It is critical to note that more research into this connection is needed. Several studies show that there is not always an improvement in athletic performance [!4], [!5].

Magnesium Supplements May Be Effective in Treating Mild Depression

  1. Worldwide, approximately 350 million people have to deal with some form of depression. Magnesium has been linked to the proper functioning of the brain and a person's mood. A 20-year study found that 2,320 men between the ages of 42 and 61 who took daily supplements had a lower risk of developing depression [!6]. More research is needed to prove this definitively. Furthermore, several studies indicate that the daily intake of supplements can reduce the symptoms of depression [!7], [!8].

Magnesium may help against high blood pressure

  1. Taking supplements can help bring blood pressure back to normal levels. In a study involving 20 people who took magnesium supplements daily for six months, lower and upper blood pressure decreased in 19 people [!9]. Several studies show a link between intake of the mineral and lower blood pressure. However, this effect is only visible in people with high blood pressure [!10], [!11]. More research is needed to show that magnesium intake directly helps against high blood pressure.

Magnesium helps you sleep

  1. Magnesium can contribute to improving sleep quality. In a study of the sleep behavior of the elderly, the group taking supplements appeared to sleep longer and better [!12]. In addition, there are studies that have found a link between a magnesium deficiency and insomnia [!13], [!14]. In a study with 185 people who were aged between 39 and 51 and took extra B vitamins and magnesium daily, an improvement in sleep quality was also observed [!15]. Magnesium can thus help improve sleep quality. However, more larger studies are needed to definitively confirm this claim.

Magnesium can help reduce inflammation

  1. Magnesium can help against inflammation in various ways. Studies show that there is a link between low magnesium levels in the body and the development of chronic inflammation [!16], [!17]. Obesity and aging of the body are caused, among other things, by chronic inflammation. Taking magnesium supplements can help raise the low levels of this mineral and reduce chronic inflammation [!13].

Taking magnesium supplements and its health effects

  1. Various scientific studies show that taking magnesium as a supplement to a healthy and varied diet can help with some health ailments. However, always consult a doctor before using magnesium supplements.

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