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Is pea soup healthy?

  1. Now that we are in the winter months, the whole of the Netherlands seems to be in the mood for pea soup again. Not surprising, because what gives more winter feeling than a steaming bowl of soup with smoked sausage or bacon? However, few people actually feel like making that soup themselves.

  1. Pea soup has a bit of the name of a dish that you spend days on. That is why we often choose canned pea soup. But how sensible is that actually? Is pea soup healthy? And what about the ready-to-use variant from the supermarket? We'll discuss it extensively in today's blog!

Is pea soup healthy?

  1. To determine if pea soup is healthy, the main ingredient - peas - is of course the first thing to look at. Peas, as you probably know, are a member of the legume family. Usually split peas are used for pea soup. And they are very healthy indeed!

  1. They contain a relatively large amount of protein and fiber that keep your intestines healthy. They also have a low glycemic index. This means that the carbohydrates from the peas are absorbed into the blood relatively slowly.

  1. Peas are usually not the only vegetables used in pea soup. Other additions are often typical winter vegetables, which are of course readily available around this time. And like all vegetables, they are of course very healthy! Leeks are a common ingredient, as are celeriac, onion, bay leaf, celery leaves and carrots.

  1. Another advantage for those on a diet is that these vegetables contain relatively few calories. A bowl of pea soup is nevertheless filling thanks to the fiber, so that you can eat slim without feeling hungry!

Meat in pea soup

  1. A real bowl of pea soup isn't complete without some tasty meat. Pig products are often chosen for this. Bacon is a favorite, but you also sometimes come across pea soup with pork chops or shank. Of course, all that meat has the typical good qualities: lots of protein, various B vitamins and large amounts of iron.

  1. However, it may be wise to pay attention to the amount of fat and salt. Smoked sausage is another choice that is often made with pea soup. This is usually slightly less healthy, because the meat is more highly processed. The proteins are still there, but the amount of salt and bad fats is often higher. For once, however, smoked sausage does little harm.

Pea soup with rye bread

  1. Do you really want to make it traditional winters? Then also take a nice slice of real rye bread with your pea soup. Of all the alternative types of bread we have in the Netherlands, this is one of the healthiest.

  1. Rye bread contains much more fiber, so it keeps the blood sugar level relatively stable and therefore has a low glycemic index. Rye bread also contains B vitamins, E, and more iron and potassium than wholemeal bread. Certainly not a bad idea, in other words!

The advantage of soup

  1. All in all, pea soup is healthy - and that's only when we look at the ingredients. The fact that this is a soup in itself also has the necessary advantages. One of these is that it fills relatively quickly, due to the large amount of moisture. And the fiber in the peas also ensures that you do not immediately get hungry again! So it becomes very easy to eat few calories.

  1. Another benefit of soup is especially practical. Nothing is easier than making a huge pan in one go, so that you have a supply for days! You can even freeze portions. Pea soup often only gets better if you let it steep for longer.

Is canned pea soup healthy?

  1. We have now clearly established that pea soup is a healthy dish. But what about when you take it out of a can? It is possible, of course, and you will still get the necessary vegetables. On the other hand, it is not as healthy as if you make the soup yourself!

  1. Canned soup relatively often contains less vegetables. On the other hand, there are more additives such as sugar and other flavor enhancers. Canned soup contains a relatively large amount of salt, which is bad for your blood pressure, among other things. It may also contain more bad fats than homemade pea soup. So it is possible for once, but it is healthier to make your own pea soup!

Make your own pea soup

  1. And making your own pea soup is of course also great fun. Many people are convinced that it takes days, but that is mainly because the peas have to soak. Apart from that, it is mainly a matter of simmering and waiting a lot. You can also use split peas, which will help you finish a lot faster. We'll give you a simple recipe below.

  1. In a large stockpot, put one and a half liters of water, with 300 grams of split peas, 2 chops, a bay leaf and salt or stock to taste. Cook on low heat for 20 minutes. In the meantime, cut 1 celeriac into cubes and 2 leeks into rings. Finely chop 25 g celery. Remove the chops from the pan, remove the bone and cut the meat into pieces.

  1. Add to the soup with the vegetables and simmer for another 20 minutes, until cooked. Meanwhile, heat a smoked beef sausage until it is cooked. Cut into slices and serve with the pea soup!

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