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Is red meat healthy or not?

  1. Is red meat healthy or not? It is not that easy to answer. If you ask even a little left and right you will hear many conflicting stories. This article will help you understand the pros and cons.

  1. What is red meat?

  1. It may not be completely clear to most people, but what exactly is red meat? To begin with, meat can be divided into 4 groups:

  1. Types of meat

  1. Organ meat: This seems obvious to me, these are the edible organs of animals such as kidneys, leather and sweetbreads.

  1. Processed Meat: This type of meat is consumed daily by most people. Bacon, salami, ham, porridge and pâté, for example, all fall under the heading of processed meat. [! 147329 => 1140 = 6!] White meat: White meat is the muscle meat of poultry and poultry. This includes, for example, chicken, turkey, rabbits, quail and pheasants.

  1. Red meat: All the kind of meat you can think of that does not fall under one of the above mentioned categories is actually red meat. Red meat is the muscle meat of mammals. This includes, for example, pigs, cattle, deer, sheep, goats, horses and hares. Some species of ducks, pigeons and ostriches also fall under the category of red meat.

  1. There is a big difference in what distinguishes red meat from white meat. Red meat is high in myoglobin and white meat is not.

  1. Myoglobin?

  1. Myoglobin is a type of protein (oxygen binding protein) that occurs in large quantities is meat. Red meat contains the greatest concentration of this protein. White meat contains a lot less of this protein. This protein provides the red color of the meat. This protein actually takes care of the oxygen transport in the meat.


  1. After writing this article I have decided to eat a maximum of 2x meat every week (red meat that is). How do you feel about this? Are you planning to leave all the red meat, or are you going to eat it?

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