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Is water healthy?

  1. Water, a natural product and available almost everywhere. It is often seen as healthy, but why? What is water good for and what does it do to our body? In this article we will discuss what water does to our body and what it is needed for. The harmful effects of water are also discussed.

Benefits: Body Processes

  1. Water plays a major role in the human body, mainly as a solvent to transport nutrients and minerals throughout the body. The human body consists on average of 60-70% water, which is also necessary, because it is used for many processes.

Transporting nutrients

  1. Your body needs nutrients to stay alive. All the food you consume and the oxygen you breathe must be distributed throughout your body, this is done through blood.

Regulating body temperature

  1. Your body goes to great lengths to maintain your temperature. Whether it is -5˚C or 20˚C outside, your body ensures that it does not become hypothermic or overheated. In order not to overheat, your body perspires, also called sweating. Water is needed to sweat. When you have exercised a lot, for example after exercise, you have to replenish your water content.

It has a detoxifying effect

  1. Your food and your environment all contain small amounts of toxins. Over time, these toxins can build up in your body. When you drink a lot of water, your kidneys have less trouble filtering the blood and your body. Toxins can dissolve in the water and be excreted through your kidneys.

It's good for the joints

  1. Joints are very complex and require good maintenance. In addition to sports and stretching, drinking plenty of water is also good for your joints. Water is used in the joints to provide the joints with nutrients and to lubricate the joints. If you have a water shortage, this can have adverse effects on joints.

Water is good for your skin

  1. Your skin is in constant contact with its environment. As a result, water evaporates over the entire surface, causing your skin to dry out. If you drink enough water, your skin will also be supplied with enough water, which will reduce wrinkles and keep your skin healthy.

Other benefits

  1. Besides the important processes that water makes possible, there are also other advantages of water.

Lose weight

  1. Water contains no calories, so water can be very useful if you want to lose weight. If you were to drink water instead of soda, the amount of calories you take in during the day is already a lot lower. Water also fills the stomach a lot, so you can replace your snacks with water if you are hungry. Replacing enough calories with water can certainly save some pounds in the long run!


  1. Water is very refreshing. On a hot day, there is nothing better than an ice cold glass of water. Because water has no calories, you can almost always drink it without getting any adverse effects, unlike soft drinks, for example.

The dangers of water

  1. Besides all the mentioned advantages, there are also some disadvantages to water, so keep this in mind when you drink a lot of water.

Drinking too much water

  1. Our body can only process a limited amount of water. When someone drinks too much water, this can seriously burden the body and water poisoning can occur. Our kidneys can process an average of 0.8-1.0 liters of water per hour. When you drink an average of more than a liter per hour in a day, or many liters in a short time, water poisoning can therefore occur. Water intoxication can cause symptoms such as vomiting, headache, nausea and low incubation pressure. In severe cases it is even possible to fall into a coma or die from it.

Contaminated water

  1. Not all water is suitable for drinking. Drinking a lot of water that has not been purified enough can make you sick and build up toxins in your body. In the Netherlands, the quality of the tap water is very high and extremely suitable for consumption. When you go on holiday it is wise to check whether the water is suitable for drinking, this can prevent you from getting sick.

Little water?

  1. As you may have read, there are many advantages to water, but also some disadvantages. With normal use of water, disadvantages will not quickly occur. Since the quality of water in the Netherlands is so high, we could indeed say that water is healthy. Enjoy your drink!

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