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Jade or quartz face rollers for skin massage

  1. A facial roller is a handy addition to your care ritual. It has various uses for the massage of the skin. It has become a sought-after gadget. There are many facial rollers for sale, but the rollers with a roller of jade or quartz are number 1 among consumers because of the (alleged) special properties of the stone. What are the properties of a quartz or jade roller and how do you actually use a roller? Facial rollers made of jade or quartz give a feeling of comfort during the treatment. For that reason alone they are worth it. They are also ideal as a gift.

Face rollers and massage

  1. A facial roller can help with daily care to massage the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. It takes over the tasks of the fingers and hands in specific treatments and can, for example, help to penetrate deeper into the skin or to detox the tissue. Quartz and jade facial rollers originate - possibly - from China. There they were probably used centuries ago in the beauty rituals of the wealthy. In Asia, for example, jade was (and still is) a very luxurious product at the time. The claims about positive energy ('Chi') when using these rollers may also be understandable given their Chinese background. Another name for a facial roller is guasharoller (Chinese).

What is a jade or quartz facial roller?

  1. A facial roller is actually a very simple device with a small number of parts:

Is a jade or quartz facial roller the same as a dermaroller?

  1. No, a jade or quartz roller is not the same as a dermaroller. The difference lies in the following: a dermaroller consists of a roller with micro needles, which puncture tiny holes in the skin as you roll to stimulate the production of collagen. A jade or quartz roller is smooth or worked (such as with a block pattern). It has no micro needles and does not puncture the skin. A facial roller massages and a derma roller pricks. They focus on other effects in the treatment of the skin.


  1. Jade is a popular mineral in Asia. They believe that jade has many spiritual and healing properties. For example, jade would bring peace and inner harmony and thus de-stress. Stress can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Why does the roller have a jade roller? Jade is also said to have healing properties. All in all, it is therefore a logical choice as far as the roller is concerned.


  1. Why does the roller use a quartz roller? Pink quartz is known as the stone of love. Rose quartz may have anti-aging properties and may help fight wrinkles. The rose quartz powder was long ago used in skin care products to combat wrinkles. Rose quartz has a purifying, calming and cleansing effect, it is believed. In addition, it would also promote positive energy.

How do you use a facial roller on the skin?

  1. The usage depends on whether the massage:

Lymphatic drainage

  1. The lymphatic system is different from the blood vessel system. Blood vessels rely on the heart as a pump. Lymph needs the action of the muscles or tissue to be propelled, an excellent medium to achieve this is a massage with light pressure that follows the lymphatic channels. The cool stone temporarily reduces the blood flow to the skin and pushes the lymph with waste products out to the lymph nodes in the lymphatic system, such as along the jaw lines to the ears. The pressure of the roller on the skin also provides propulsion. The lymph and waste products are then removed. This gives a detox effect. You can also find many diagrams about these massages on the internet.

Luxury massage

  1. The user of a facial roller can imitate a luxurious massage usually performed by a beautician. With a soothing massage - to de-stress for example - the skin should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. The roller is of course also clean. It is not supposed to push dirt into the pores of course. A product can be applied in advance to facilitate massaging. A light massage always follows a certain direction with this type. Many instructions can also be found on the internet for a luxury massage. The roller can help relieve tension in the face (such as at the jaw and between the eyebrows) when used regularly (against 'stress face'). The relaxation that follows gives a pleasant feeling. Tension (stress) can cause fine lines in the face, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Stress is bad for sleep and for the blood circulation in the skin. It can dull the skin and cause puffiness. Such a massage can help alleviate this.

Massage as the final piece of the care ritual

  1. In this massage - after applying the last care product (cream, gel or serum) - lightly roll the roller of the facial roller in certain directions over the face, neck and décolleté until the care product is completely included. The massage ensures a better blood circulation in the skin, so that the ingredients in the creams, gels or serums can be better absorbed. An average massage of this type takes 2 to 3 minutes.

What are the benefits of a jade or quartz roller?

  1. Using a jade or quartz roller has several benefits for the skin. These are for example:

Buying Tips

  1. With these rollers the point is that the roller is a real jade stone or a piece of real pink quartz, otherwise you will not benefit from the (alleged) good properties. Genuine jade and pink quartz products are luxury products with a corresponding price tag. Pay attention to claims that state that a good jade stone or pink quartz is used in the production and give preference to that when purchasing.

Other options

  1. Of course there are other options on the market that can mimic the effect (such as the coolness) of a piece of jade or quartz. For example, there are rollers that have a gel in the roller that can be frozen. Those are the 'ice rollers'. There are also the so-called 'beauty bars'. These metal bars (they resemble a stretched capital letter T) can vibrate during a facial massage. There are also plastic facial rollers that can massage the jawline while scissors and drain the lymph there.

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