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Juniper: Health aspects and application

  1. Juniper, most people know the shrub or conifer. For many people, they know juniper berries in particular as a flavor enhancer for dishes. The juniper, however, is significantly more versatile and quite a bit of healing power is attributed to the juniper. How healthy is juniper actually and how do you use it in the kitchen as a seasoning?

Juniper, the basis

  1. Juniper, officially Juniperus communis, belongs to the group of conifers within the cypress family. It is a conifer that also occurs naturally in the Netherlands, but can actually be found almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere. On average, the shrub is about three to four meters high, but the shrub can also grow to about twelve meters. In the Netherlands it is a legally protected tree.

Health aspects juniper

  1. Quite a few health-promoting aspects are attributed to juniper berries. The way of applying is simple. Sometimes chewing it can help, but not everyone likes it. If you use it regularly in the diet, for example as a seasoning, then that is also fine for the body. In addition to chewing and processing it whole in a dish, you can also crush the juniper before it enters the dish. Finally, you can also drink the juniper as a juice.


  1. Juniper is seen as a stomach enhancer and digestive stimulant. The juniperine in the juniper produces a better intestinal peristalsis. The juniper is also known for its diuretic effect and this helps to remove waste products from the body faster via the digestive tract. Juniper is also sometimes used as a cleansing treatment for the intestines. In the health food store they sell it in the form of drinks, whether or not combined with other substances.


  1. By chewing the juniper firmly, the blood flow to the mucous membranes is stimulated and it softens the throat when you have a cold and you have to cough frequently. Swallowing is also somewhat easier. Furthermore, it effectively removes slime and dirt.

Sufficient food

  1. If - for whatever reason - you have trouble getting enough nutrition on a daily basis, the juniper can help to stimulate your appetite. It stimulates the production of bile, which in turn stimulates the appetite. Incidentally, this is only for support and it remains advisable if it is a persistent problem to call in the dietician in addition to supporting resources such as juniper. The body needs nutrition to continue to function, and you also need to keep getting enough vitamins and minerals.

Blood circulation and blood purifying

  1. If the blood circulation in the skin is not optimal, think of winter hands or winter feet, then the juniper can also offer a solution. The juniper namely stimulates the blood flow in the body. In addition to processing in food, there are also special creams with juniper berries. Such a product can also be used for winter hands and winter feet. In addition, the juniper can also support you if you have menstruation.

Use juniper in the kitchen

  1. The easiest way to apply juniper berries is when it has dried. Then it is more than fine to process into powder. If you boil juniper in a dish, it is good to bruise the juniper first. Only then will the aromatic and sweet taste of the juniper be released in the best way. Roasting is also possible, just place the juniper berries on the grid next to the meat (for best results, place them against the meat or put the berries on top).


  1. Juniper is an excellent seasoning and widely available. In addition, the juniper is also healthy for the body and finally you can also find it in the health food store as a massage oil. The multifunctional juniper.

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