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Lemon: healthy fruit and useful in the household

  1. Lemon is the most versatile of all citrus fruits. Not only is lemon an invigorating and healthy southern fruit, but you can also do all kinds of household chores with it. From chasing wasps, removing grease, to cleaning all kinds of things in an environmentally friendly way. The zest of lemon is often disparaging, but that shiny yellow is indeed of value because it contains the most vitamin C, and you can make your home-baked cake a lot more flavorful with it.

A unique southern fruit

  1. The lemon belongs to the category of citrus fruits (which also includes orange, mandarin and grapefruit). Lemon is an invigorating southern fruit that not only contains essential ingredients for our physical well-being, but it is also a fruit with which we can also do all kinds of handy chores around the house.

Health benefits of lemon

  1. A cup of fresh lemon juice not only contains the daily required amount of vitamin C, but is also rich in magnesium, potassium, copper. And there is calcium in the shell, a substance that counteracts osteoporosis. Lemon (peel) would also help in the fight against cancer, but there is (as of 2016) no evidence for that.


  1. This serious disease, caused by a lack of vitamin C, has only occurred incidentally in Belgium and the Netherlands in the last 100 years. But scurvy was a leading cause of death aboard the sailing ships centuries ago on the long trade voyages. At some point, however, it became clear that eating citrus fruits prevented this serious disease, despite the fact that the vitamin (C) phenomenon was still unknown. That is why lemon juice was provided to the crew on English naval ships from around 1750.

Lose weight

  1. The story goes that by consuming lemon juice you lose body weight, probably motivated by the idea that the fruit is sour in taste. But it is not possible to lose kilos with lemon juice, but it does not make us fat either, because a lemon is low in calories. And that lemon juice would detoxify the body is also a fairytale, because that purification of the inner man only works through our organs, the liver and kidneys.

Recipe for lemon water

  1. Many people today drink a glass of lemon water early in the morning, as this stimulates the metabolism and is also an energy-boosting drink. However, the preparation is not just adding some lemon juice to water, because the lemon zest is also needed. The lemon peel contains the most vitamin C and is also rich in fiber and, as mentioned, calcium. The recipe is as follows:

Lemon as a domestic help

  1. Some foods have more benefits than just filling the stomach:

Dirty air

  1. Baking smell (from fish or fat) disappears from the oven and microwave when you put a few tablespoons of lemon juice in a cup of water and heat it (at half power) in the appliance. If necessary, let it cool down overnight.

Remove grease

  1. Mix a little lemon juice with washing-up liquid and caked-on fat is easier to remove. If necessary also add some soda.

A better taste to cake

  1. When we bake cake ourselves, the taste is often disappointing, because vanilla is a bit bland in character. Therefore, peel a small handful of yellow peeling fibers with a grater. Stir it into the dough / batter and fry it. Do wash the peel well first because of it. sprays, or else take organic lemons. The right amount of shredded skin, of course, depends on a person's personal taste.

No more brown apples

  1. A peeled, sliced ​​or grated apple quickly turns brown when the white flesh comes into contact with the air. That's because the apple oxidizes as soon as it comes into contact with the oxygen present in the air. In fact, the rotting process is immediately set in motion once the protective shell is removed. Lemon juice prevents oxidation because it contains citric acid, a powerful antioxidant. So sprinkle the peeled apple (parts) with lemon juice and the flesh remains tasty white.

  2. A peeled, sliced ​​or grated apple quickly turns brown when the white flesh comes into contact with the air. This is because the apple oxidizes as soon as it comes into contact with the presence of air

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