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Living with a stoma

  1. This article provides a brief overview of exactly what stomas are. It says, among other things, what kind of stomas there are, but also why you should think about living with a stoma.


  1. Eating and drinking is vital for the body to stay alive. From the mouth to the anus. It can therefore go wrong in many places. In this article we will discuss problems around the gut.

Why a stoma?

  1. A stoma is used to discharge faeces on an artificial wall. A stoma is therefore also placed if the body can no longer do this itself. There are several different reasons why the body can no longer pass stool itself.

What is a stoma

  1. In short, a stoma is an artificial outlet for stool or urine. A stoma is therefore an opening of the intestine in the skin of the abdomen. When the stool leaves the stoma, it must be collected. There are special collection materials and methods for regulating the collection of the stool. It is important to know that with a stoma the stool cannot be held up anymore. Under normal circumstances this is possible thanks to the sphincter muscle of the anus.

What does a stoma look like

  1. The stoma appears red and moist, and has the same color and composition as the inside of the mouth. The stoma should protrude a few centimeters above the skin, but it is often also at skin level. A stoma has little or no sensation and will not hurt to touch, but because it contains a large number of small blood vessels, it can bleed quickly when hit or rubbed (eg when washed). This is completely normal.

Nutrition for a stoma.

  1. First of all, it is important to note that a special diet does not have to be followed with a stoma. It is also important to know that a lot of moisture is lost with a stoma. It is therefore important to drink 10 to 12 cups of fluids daily.

Gas forming products are:

  1. Onion, leek, pepper, garlic, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and legumes. Carbonated drinks, cola, orange, rivela, beer, etc.

Fragrance forming products are:

  1. Cabbage, leek, onion, garlic, legumes, fish, eggs, vitamin B tablets.


  1. You may have diarrhea. In principle, this is no worse than in people without a stoma. The only disadvantage of this is that you will have to replace your ostomy bag more often and drink more because you will lose extra fluid.

Activities with a stoma

  1. With a stoma you can of course just swim. The pouch and patch are water resistant and you don't have to worry about it coming off. If you go swimming, you can use a smaller bag if you like, the so-called mini activity bags. It is advisable to cover the filter with the accompanying stickers. If the filter becomes damp, it will stop working and the bath water can cause the bag to bulge. The disadvantage of masking the filter is that the gases can no longer escape from the bag. Fortunately, a solution has been found for that problem: the "Gore-Tex filter membrane". If you stick this round sticker on the filter opening, the filter will also stay dry under water, while the gases can still go out. The bag can also simply fill with faeces underwater. After swimming you may have to change the bag because of the softening of the plaque.

On vacation with a stoma

  1. You can simply go on holiday with a stoma. Going on vacation does require a stoma a bit more preparation. For example, sufficient material must be taken along. The safest thing to do is to bring twice as much material as you use at home. If you are going on holiday to warm countries, it is important to bring extra stoma bags with you because stoma's will then release more quickly due to perspiration.


  1. Provided there is no permanent damage to the outside of the body with a stoma, sex is no problem. After all, the stoma is numb. If there are physical limitations, these can be solved by means of aids.

Should my partner also be able to take care of a stoma

  1. Your husband doesn't need to care for a stoma. It is useful if your husband can do this. Especially in the beginning it is quite a hassle to get the stoma fitting if you can do this together with your husband it will be easier.

The materials for the care, where can they be obtained

  1. You can simply order the materials you need for your stoma and its care from the pharmacy. You will then receive sufficient material for a period of time.

What to do if I have problems with my stoma

  1. If you have problems with your stoma, please contact your stoma nurse or your treating doctor.

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