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Losing weight thanks to eating seaweed

  1. The benefits of seaweed have long been known in Eastern cultures. In Asia you will regularly find dishes that contain seaweed. The algae contain a lot of proteins and vitamin B12. Other vitamins and antioxidants are also abundant. However, it is a specific substance, alginate, that is said to prevent the production of fat.

Healthy food from the sea

  1. Iodine Iodine is an element that can be found in every body cell, we cannot live without it. Man only needs to take a small amount of iodine. Since it is not found in many traditional Western food ingredients, iodine is often added to salt. Sometimes, however, too little iodine is still taken. The iodine-rich seaweed is then a good alternative. The substance is important for the thyroid function and therefore has an influence on the balance of metabolism. It has an antibacterial property and can therefore be used against infections.


  1. Some algae contain up to ten times more calcium than milk. It aids in teeth and bone development. It also has a positive effect on nerve cells and muscles.


  1. Seaweed contains the following vitamins:

Against breast cancer

  1. Breast cancer is five times less common in the Japanese than in the Americans. There are several potential explanations for this remarkable fact, one of which is their diet. Not least the high consumption of seaweed could be an explanation because workable substances regulate the thyroid gland function and thus influence the production of estrogen and estradiol.

Alginate: substance against fat absorption

  1. Seaweed is full of positive substances for the body, but there is one specific substance that would prevent the absorption of fatty substances, namely alginate. There are three colors of seaweed: red, brown and green. The brown variety in particular is said to contain large amounts of alginate. Alginate is said to decrease fat absorption by 75%. In addition, the alginate in the stomach forms a kind of gel that makes it feel full. So you will feel satisfied faster. These claims are based on various studies (Japan 2007, US 2010, UK 2014) and cannot simply be written off as bullshit. The last test in 2014 in Newcastle showed that thanks to small intakes of seaweed (processed in bread), subjects produced up to one third less fat. The taste of alginate is very specific, so it is not necessarily tasty for everyone. It has a salty sea flavor.

Seaweed Pills

  1. There are a lot of pills on the market that contain concentrated extracts of brown seaweed. Pay close attention when you buy these pills and only choose products that you really trust. Due to the extra pollution of the oceans, and especially the Fukushima disaster, there may be very unhealthy pills in circulation. Reliable products are first clinically tested before they can be sold. There are also a lot of seaweed shakes on the market.

Preparing seaweed

  1. You can easily prepare seaweed with some bacon or rice as a snack. You can also add it to vegetable and fruit shakes. It is also regularly added to salads or served in a soup.

Losing weight with seaweed

  1. Eating seaweed can help you lose weight through a combination of four different reasons.

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