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Lotus flower, what the flower can do to you

  1. Few people don't like flowers. Flowers can brighten up a room with color and scent, they can soften, amaze and amaze and they can brighten people up. All this without us being aware of it. Basically, flowers can do quite a bit. The lotus flower is a good example of a spiritual flower and is special in several cultures. All this apart from the fact that the flower is very beautiful. How do we arrive at our preference and what does that say about us?

Lotus flower

  1. Flowers in general have something feminine and the lotus flower special. In Buddhism, for example, the flower stands for the soul that travels on earth. The journey that allows the soul to learn and that every life anew, or the rebirth to the state of enlightenment is there (which according to this belief can cost many lives). For one rock solid confidence and for another a mountain of abracadabra. But to determine the preference for a flower, less relevant. How does it work?

Which flower inspires?

  1. Different types of flowers are difficult to compare with each other (shapes, colors and scents have an influence) and therefore a test is not appropriate. You can, however, show a beautiful flower, such as the lotus flower, in different facets and your choice says something about you and the path to follow.

How do you find out your preference?

  1. It starts with good concentration, let yourself sink into peace and make sure that all noise (ambient sounds, barking dogs, the telephone or the doorbell) is gone. Breathe in well and in peace and then you visualize 5 lotus flowers, namely:

What do the colors mean?

  1. Red Red is universal in terms of love and (com) passion. The unfolded lotus releases the heart and the question is that if you prefer whether you always apply that love and (com) passion. In other words, are you asking for something in return for the opened heart? Your conditionality may slowly become more unconditional. It stimulates this process and your confidence to come to.


  1. The pink lotus is an important lotus because it represents patience. Patience to come to the next step or eventually the state of enlightenment in Buddhism. Are you a striker and do everything have to be done as quickly as possible and always better? Are you participating in the game for the marbles or for the fun game? It goes without saying that this choice stimulates your patience, but also your ability to concentrate and allows you to live a more mindful life.


  1. White is pure and pure, that is actually true everywhere. It is a kind of innocence that lies in white, but also calm. Everyone starts with innocence, but builds up all kinds of (pre) judgments and opinions during life. The trick is to let go of this and step into something completely blank. The flower stimulates that silence, that calmness and objectivity.


  1. Blue is an inspiring color for many people and represents intuition and wisdom. This transcends our perceptions (which the red lotus so “shows off”). Perhaps you are too busy with facts and the balance could be brought in by allowing the intuition, however scary it may be. Great thinkers appear to be able to admit their curiosity and to give space to intuition. It stimulates the imagination and creativity.


  1. A rare color that stands for great thinking and feeling. Reaching the highest state of consciousness. The ultimate experience of happiness. Are you honest with yourself and are you able to admit that and to let go of everything earthly or are you still busy with earthly matters and do you want to “collect”. It stimulates joy (with nothing), generosity and detachment.


  1. Making the choice objective alone is the beginning of the process to arrive at that next educational step. If you really want to learn, take what can help you take that next step. The realization that the road there must also bring joy to it makes every step worthwhile.

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