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Low calorie snacks!

  1. Few people manage to eat nothing but three meals every day. If you have breakfast quickly, you will often have a rumbling stomach again over lunch. And from lunch to dinner is also a challenge â € “the well-known dip at four in the morning takes care of that.

  1. Want to avoid being hungry all day long? Then it may be wise to prepare good snacks! What's right for you will often depend on the rest of your menu - but you can't go wrong with these low-calorie snacks.

Are snacks bad?

  1. The first question that is often asked is: aren't snacks unhealthy? And the answer is fortunately no! The idea that snacks are necessarily bad for you stems from the fact that most people eat unhealthy snacks. Indeed, you better leave your standard bag of chips at four in the afternoon, admittedly.

  1. That certainly does not mean that all snacks are a problem for your body. When you choose healthy products, snacks can add a lot of nutrients to your menu. Moreover, they prevent you from getting so hungry between meals that you reach for those cookies!

Why low-calorie snacks?

  1. Of course there are many possibilities when it comes to healthy snacks. From a quick cup of coffee to a very minimal time: as long as it works for your body, almost anything is possible. Still, low-calorie snacks are the best solution for most people.

  1. That way you don't have to take your snacks too much into account when planning your larger meals. After all, you only have a limited number of calories that you can consume daily (depending on your goal). Low-calorie snacks prevent you from going well over your daily calorie requirement without realizing it!

  1. The trick is of course to choose low-calorie snacks that give you a feeling of fullness. Below we explain what you should and should not choose!

Lean ready-to-eat snacks?

  1. Many people immediately reach for ready-to-eat snacks once they understand that there is nothing wrong with healthy snacks. That's understandable, because those granola bars and low-fat diet shakes are really easy, and there is a lot that can't be wrong with it, right? Well - unfortunately it is. The problem with many of these types of artificially slimmed products is that your body cannot handle them properly.

  1. You eat something sweet, your digestive system prepares for sugar - and then no sugar comes out. In the long term, this will only cause you to binge eat more. And that's exactly what you don't eat those snacks for!

What am I using?

  1. Fortunately, even without diet products, there are still plenty of options left if you want to snack on low calories. Fruits and vegetables are an important category. Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and celery are all delicious to chew, and apples and forest fruits, for example, are great for those with a sweet tooth.

  1. Dried fruits are higher in sugar, but can also work well in small quantities. Low-fat dairy, cold cuts, and eggs quickly add some protein to your snack. Nuts and seeds are extremely healthy, but they provide a bit more calories because of the fats. The same goes for avocado: very healthy, but also very high in calories. Take this into account for the rest of your calorie intake that day.

  1. Finally, dark chocolate is a good option if you fancy a not too bad indulgence. Cocoa contains many healthy substances, and the purer the chocolate, the better. Chocolate contains, just like the avocado, nuts and seeds, some calories, but when you take extra dark chocolate you don't eat too much of it because of the bitter taste.

Low-calorie snacks

  1. With the above ingredients you can make a lot of low-calorie snacks. A few examples:

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