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Make healthy pancakes! -

  1. It is perhaps the most Dutch dish that exists: pancakes. Who doesn't like to eat them in the evening on their birthday or as a luxurious breakfast? The downside is that pancakes are not very healthy.

  1. With all that white flour and sugar syrup that most people throw on it, they send your blood sugar to record highs at lightning speed. Fortunately, it is possible to make healthy pancakes, as we will show you in detail in today's blog!

Flour in pancakes

  1. Flour is an important ingredient of the traditional pancake recipe. And most people simply use the standard white wheat flour that you buy at the supermarket for a euro. Unfortunately, that is quite unhealthy. Not only do all those fast carbohydrates cause a significant rise in blood sugar. Many people are also hypersensitive to wheat and feel tired and bloated.

  1. The first step is to start using whole wheat flour, but it could be healthier. For example, choose oat flour (easy to make yourself with oatmeal and a blender) or quinoa flour. These are processed much better by your body!

Milk in pancakes

  1. Then there is the milk, another important component of the pancake batter. Many people are also more or less sensitive to this. Especially because of the lactose that our stomachs cannot always handle properly. Some people solve that problem by using goat's milk, but if you want to do without animal milk completely, you can of course just go for a vegetable variant.

  1. For example, unsweetened almond milk and oat milk are good options for healthy pancakes. Don't choose soy milk: the unfermented soy can have adverse effects on your health. Better not take in an excessive amount of it.

Healthy pancake recipe

  1. Have you found a combination of flour and milk that appeals to you? Then it is incredibly easy to bake healthy pancakes. The batter is made with the simple ratio of 100 grams of flour, 100 ml of milk and 1 egg per person.

  1. Depending on the type of flour and milk you used, it may be necessary to add some extra milk to achieve the correct consistency. Then fry the pancakes as thick as you like in a knob of coconut oil and serve them warm to the whole family!

Pancake variations

  1. Of course this is just a basic recipe. Depending on your own taste and wishes, the pancakes can be made even healthier. An option is, for example, to add spinach to the pancakes. Defrost a generous portion of chopped frozen spinach and mix it with the rest of the batter before cooking the pancakes.

  1. You can also let go of the traditional recipes completely and just leave out the flour. Banana pancakes are a good example of this. Mix two eggs with a mashed banana and make small healthy pancakes, which you can serve with cinnamon and fruit, for example.

Spread on the healthy pancakes

  1. One last important warning is of course that you have to be careful when investing your healthy pancakes. Your efforts will be of little use if you then just dig into blobs of sugar syrup and much too sweet strawberry jam! Therefore, prefer dark chocolate, fresh fruit or nuts, for example.

  1. Or better yet: make savory pancake fillings with bacon, fried mushrooms, beet salad, avocado or spinach and feta. This way you immediately receive extra nutrients, depending on the healthy filling you choose. Moreover, you can vary forever that way!

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