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Make vegetables and fruits more delicious! Making food tasty!

  1. This rule does not apply to everyone, of course, but in most cases unhealthy food is better than healthy food. This is also the reason why it is so difficult to lose weight. Unhealthy food makes us feel better, gives us immediate energy and our taste buds "long" for it, making us feel more comfortable. In the short term, unhealthy food gives us more pleasure, everyone knows this. Everyone also knows that healthy food is better in the long term.

  1. The solution sounds very simple. If we want to eat more unhealthy food, we must make healthy food tastier! Is this also possible?

Cutlery determines the taste!

  1. A study from England last week released the results of the study "cutlery determines the taste". I will first explain the research. This study consisted of 2 groups of people. Both groups were presented with a bowl of vanilla yoghurt.

  1. One group received plastic cutlery, and the other group received silver cutlery. Subsequently, the groups had to rate the taste of the vanilla yoghurt. What turned out ...

  1. The people who ate with plastic cutlery gave a lower average score than the people who ate with silver cutlery.

  1. How is this possible? The reason why the people with the more expensive cutlery gave a higher rating is because our brains compare it to eating in an expensive restaurant. The brains of the people who had eaten with plastic cutlery felt like they were eating in a fast food restaurant.

  1. You assume that you eat better when you are eating with expensive cutlery.

  1. You might think, what can I do with this information. Well in the beginning of the article, I told you that most people cannot resist the temptation of unhealthy food. If you have the same problem, I have a handy tip for you.

  1. If you want to eat healthier and want to avoid unhealthy food, try from now on to eat healthy food with iron cutlery and unhealthy food with plastic cutlery. Plastic cutlery is available in any supermarket and it costs less than 2 euros.

  1. It may look a bit strange, but when you eat unhealthy food with this cutlery, you automatically find it a lot less tasty. This may make the temptation easier to resist.

  1. Do you have problems eating vegetables because you don't really like them? Then try eating this with slightly more expensive cutlery. You buy a single fork or spoon from a special store and only use it when you are eating vegetables. You will notice that the vegetable tastes better than usual.

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