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Make your own lemonade

  1. In today's world, the supermarket is full of products containing all kinds of artificial flavors, of which the question is whether they are healthy. Many products contain harmful chemicals. It is known that diseases such as ADHD can arise from supermarket lemonade. In addition, it is very likely that synthetic additives to drinks and food cause all kinds of diseases for which scientific studies have not yet established a definitive link. There is a large number of clear indications that sugar and artificial additives in particular trigger inflammatory reactions in the body that are a prerequisite for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity.


  1. Why make your own? Simplicity itself Sliced ​​lemonade ginger lemonade Lemonade Rose lemonade Bitter lemon Iced tea is also lemonade Strawberry lemonade Lemongrass lemonade Alternatives to sugar

Why make your own?

  1. Making your own lemonade is healthier. More and more people are starting to feel that eating synthetic substances in food and drink can never be healthy. Medical practice proves this because today many more people are sick with cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It seems to be difficult to investigate the long-term effects of our Western foods laced with synthetics. The realization that excess nutrient-free chemicals can be harmful to health is increasingly dawning on mankind, as evidenced by the worldwide success of organic stores.

Simplicity itself

  1. Anyone who can make a syrup can also make a lemonade. In fact, it is very simple to make your own lemonade. People used to do this themselves. Supermarkets have only existed from the beginning of the 20th century and these institutions have unlearned people to make their own products. The knowledge to make your own lemonade has been lost to the general public, but as we increasingly value good taste instead of the status value of having a can of soft drink in your hands, it is expected that this knowledge will part of humanity will never disappear completely.

Sliced ​​lemonade

  1. Lemonade contains no sting, but even this is fairly easy to make. You need sodium bicarbonate; this is a leavening agent that is often for sale in German and English supermarkets. In the Netherlands it is not yet for sale everywhere, but it is available on the internet or in special shops. In the past, lemonade was even made from vinegar. You put a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass and add water to it. This way you already obtain a very drinkable lemonade for many people. When you add half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to this glass, you will see that it starts to fizz. When you drink it you will experience that it stings slightly; you made a lemonade yourself. If you use sugar water instead of water, this drink is sweet and sour.

Ginger Lemonade

  1. Ginger lemonade is easy to make yourself by brewing fresh ginger tea. You cut two tablespoons of ginger on a whole liter of ginger tea. The fine pieces impart a lot of flavor to the water, especially when it is hot water. Then you can add a few scoops of sugar to this hot tea water, or if you like a few leaves of stevia, an alternative and healthy sweetener that is safe for diabetics.


  1. Lemonade is easy to make yourself. You squeeze a lemon, add cooled sugar water and you're done. In Indonesia, an es jeruk is made, which is an ice-cold lime lemonade drink made by adding a squeezed lime to a glass containing sugar. Then hot water is added to the glass. The glass is half filled. The other half is formed by ice cubes. The ice cubes will almost all melt equally and the effect is that you make an ice cold drink, but super fresh.

Rose lemonade

  1. Rose petals can be used to make syrup. Rose syrup is made by pouring over 5 ounces of rose petals with thickened warm sugar water. The syrup will turn red if you use the petals of a red rose. Putting ice cubes in a glass and mixing the syrup with water creates a cooling rose lemonade. You can keep your homemade rose syrup for at least a year.

Bitter lemon

  1. It is possible to make a bitter lemon yourself. A bitter lemon contains lemon, but it is also nice to really put something bitter in it. The absinth bush grows in the Netherlands and you can make a light tea. Absinth tea turns bitter quickly, so use only a small amount. Then you also squeeze a lemon. You add sodium bicarbonate to this lemon. This will react with acids such as vinegar and lemon. Then add cooled sugar water and you have produced a bitter lemon yourself.

Ice tea is also lemonade

  1. Strawberry / Image source: FoeNyx, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Strawberry Lemonade

  1. You can put strawberries in a blender together with the cooled sugar water. Let it mix well, so that there are as few pieces of strawberry in it as possible. You can also put ice cubes in the blender so that the strawberry lemonade is nice and cold.

Lemongrass lemonade

  1. A lemon grass tea or a tea mix that contains mainly lemongrass, is ideal for making lemonade. You sweeten the tea with sugar or stevia and then let it cool in the fridge. You can choose to keep the tea in an empty half liter water bottle; so you can take the cool tea with you when you go out.

Alternatives to sugar

  1. Above are many simple recipes for a lemonade. Usually it is recommended to use sugar or stevia. Stevia is much healthier than sugar. You can use sweet stevia water instead of sugar water. You can also use honey to sweeten it all. An agave syrup is also possible. In addition, palm sugar or coconut blossom sugar can be used. These sugars are a lot healthier than regular white granulated sugar because they have been processed for as short a time as possible.

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