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Make your own sauces

  1. Making your own sauce is not very difficult. The result can be astonishing. Making your own sauces produces sauces much better than products made by factories. What comes out of the factory is a kind of unity sauce; everyone should like that. However, every person has different taste buds; therefore learning to make sauces yourself can lead to a lot of satisfaction. Moreover, you get a much wider palette of flavors.


  1. Cheaper, tastier and healthier bechamel mayonnaise mushroom sauce tomato sauce pepper sauce Make your own sambal Peanut Sauce Yogurt sauce Grilled pepper sauce Yogurt-based dips

Cheaper, tastier and healthier

  1. Making your own sauces is a lot healthier than using the sauces from the factory. Factory sauces always contain oils based on trans fats because they are cheap. Profit margin is number one among factory directors. If you use oil in a sauce yourself, always use organic oils because these are not only organic but also unprocessed, which means that they do not contain trans fats. Trans fats cause lifestyle diseases.

Bechamel sauce

  1. A basic sauce for many sauces is the béchamel sauce. Abroad this is called sauce Hollandaise. Béchamel sauce is normally made from milk, butter and flour. It is better to make it from organic raw milk, butter and whole wheat flour or any other whole grain flour. Finish the béchamel sauce with a pinch of pepper and himalayan salt. This is the basis on which to vary endlessly. Add a little more cream and you have a cream sauce. Use extra parsley, and you have a parsley sauce. You can use all green herbs to make a sauce. Many spices are also eligible. The béchamel sauce in its purest form is used as a traditional cauliflower sauce.


  1. Making your own mayonnaise is tastier and healthier, especially if you use an organic oil. In addition, you can vary the preparation so that you can obtain your favorite mayonnaise flavor. The ingredients are quite basic: oil, mustard and egg. You can also enrich homemade mayonnaise with yogurt to make yogurt mayonnaise.

Mushroom sauce

  1. Fry mushrooms with an onion and a clove of garlic. When the mushrooms are cooked, put it all in the blender together with cream and a tablespoon of wheat flour or other full flour such as teff flour. Make sure that your blender can withstand hot products. You can also mix it in a pan with a hand blender. Use the blender until everything is well mixed into a smooth sauce. This way you can easily make a delicious mushroom sauce yourself.

Tomato sauce

  1. Peel the tomatoes. You do that by cooking them for a minute. Optionally, you can put a cross in the tomatoes at the top; that makes peeling easier. You can put the peeled tomatoes in a blender. It is also nice to add a shallot, a piece of ginger, a clove of garlic, a tablespoon of fresh basil, a tablespoon of parsley and a boiled carrot in the sauce. The carrot is a bit sweet and that taste cancels out the tartness of the tomatoes.

Pepper sauce

  1. To make a pepper sauce you first make a béchamel sauce. You put a pan of water on the fire and add wholemeal wheat flour or, if desired, another type of organic flour. You should not use flour; that has no nutritional value. Then you stir in the pan until a smooth sauce forms. It's also a good idea to whip it up with a whisk. Add some cream for taste and health. You can then use a pepper mill to make the sauce nice and peppery. Add some whole peppercorns too.

Make your own sambal

  1. Making sambal is quite simple. For a basic sambal you need chili pepper and salt. If you use 250 grams of chili pepper, you can fill a nice old jam jar with sambal. You remove the green stems from the peppers. Then put the chili peppers in a blender with a little water. You mix it into a smooth sauce. Now you can choose to make the sambal extra tasty and a bit milder. Tomato is a widely used remedy. One agent that really helps to soften the sauce is sugar. But because that is unhealthy, it is better to use organic honey. You can also use both honey and tomato. Other ingredients to make a sambal tasty are: fried onion, palm sugar, vinegar and spice mix.

Peanut sauce

  1. Peanut sauce from the factory often contains modified starch, all kinds of E numbers, trans fats and table salt. It is much better to make fresh peanut sauce yourself. For this you need a flat dish with a mortar with a flat surface. These are for sale at some herbal stores but also at good kitchen supply stores. With this flat stone bowl you can easily grind peanuts yourself. Here you put bumbu from a package from the Indonesian toko, soy sauce and water. You only add the soy sauce at the end.

Yogurt sauce

  1. Half liter of biodynamic yoghurt Tablespoon of cut mint leaf Teaspoon of cilantro Teaspoon of cumin Teaspoon of dill Lemon juice from half a lemon Peppers / Source: Darren Lewis, PublicDomainPictures

Grilled pepper sauce

  1. 4 peppers Onion and clove of garlic Coconut oil Pinch of pepper and salt Creme fraiche Few sprigs of parsley

Yogurt-based dips

  1. A dipping sauce based on a biodynamic cream yogurt is very healthy. Put some yogurt in a bowl and add a teaspoon of curry and a few pieces of fresh pineapple; how to make a delicious curry pineapple sauce.

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