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Medicinal herbs for sore throat

  1. Almost everyone suffers from a sore throat in winter. Often it is accompanied by a cold or the flu. Licorice or throat tablets are often used as a solution. These do not always work well and long enough. There are several herbs that can help even in the cold winter months. Plants that can be made home remedies include oregano, pansy tricolor, and rose hip.

How is a sore throat caused

  1. Sore throat can have various causes. It is often quite harmless. With a blocked nose, for example, only mouth breathing is possible. The air enters the throat unheated and unpurified, where it causes irritation.

When to see the doctor?

  1. Sore throat can cause a lot of pain. Certainly when it causes problems with eating or even breathing, a doctor must visit. If this is not the case, a sore throat is still a symptom of various diseases. Therefore it is wise to go to the doctor if:

Medicines for sore throats

  1. There are several medicines for sore throats freely available. Lozenges are especially popular, but these have the disadvantage that they only work for a short time. Licorice is also widely used, but these have an even shorter effect, if they work at all. Drinks are especially useful if the sore throat is due to coughing, for example cough syrup can be used.

Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

  1. Oregano contains many essential oils. These soothe the throat and reduce any inflammation. Oregano also reduces the tendency to cough, which can be a cause of sore throat. Oregano is harmless, even if it doesn't help. A big advantage of oregano is that it is often used as a kitchen herb. So it is easy to obtain even in winter. It is important that the active substances of this plant come into contact with the throat. This is most easily guaranteed by brewing a tea. This tea can be drunk, but gargling with it alone is often enough. You need one cup of tea:

Rosehip (Rosa corymbifera and Rosa canina)

  1. Rose hip / Source: Ayla87, Rgbstock


  1. For tea you need:


  1. Rosehip syrup is needed

Tricolor violet (Viola tricolor)

  1. Tricolor violet (Viola tricolor) / Source: Thomas Meienberg, Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

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