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Natural flu remedies

  1. Flu, or in scientific circles also called influenza, is caused by the flu virus. It mainly takes place in the autumn and winter period. A strong flu feels very different from a common cold. Symptoms of the flu are a high fever and chills. Your head, throat and muscles can ache and your body is in general malaise. The flu virus is very contagious and can be transmitted through saliva or even by shaking a hand. You have to get out of the flu virus. Some natural remedies can help fight the flu virus.

The causes of the flu virus

  1. The cause of influenza is the influenza virus. The influenza virus manifests itself mainly during the autumn and winter period with high humidity and temperatures of about 5 to 6 ° C. Saliva can transmit the virus. Shaking the hand of an infected person can transmit the virus. So you do well to stay away from people who are infected with the flu. The incubation period is approximately one to seven days.

Annoying symptoms

  1. The most frequent symptoms of influenza are high fever and chills all over the body. You feel very weak, often with a headache and throat pain or a dry or runny nose. Your body is in general malaise. After about four days you should feel that you are getting better. However, the aftereffects of your flu can even be felt up to a few weeks later. In very severe cases, the flu can lead to pneumonia or heart complications. In exceptional cases it can even lead to fatal pneumonia or meningitis.


  1. There is not much you can do about flu. To alleviate the suffering you can drink a lot, sleep in a well-ventilated room and eat healthy food (vegetables and fruit). Fever is your body's natural response to the virus. A medicine based on paracetamol can be a solution here. Take it easy and if necessary, stay in bed for a while to get a good rest. Depending on how you feel, you can decide how drastically to stop your daily activities.

Six natural flu remedies

  1. Drink water By sneezing, blowing and sweating you lose a lot of fluid as a result of the flu virus. Drinking water is therefore very important to thin the mucus and prevent congestion. Stick to mineral water, possibly combined with some tea. This tea will induce perspiration, fight inflammation, and relieve pain and constipation.

A delicious chicken soup

  1. Studies have shown that chicken soup can be an aid in the fight against a cold or flu. The steam coming out of the chicken soup can already help clear the nose. The broth used in chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties. The multiplication of the white blood cells would be stopped by the properties of broth. Herbs, such as garlic and pepper, are good natural remedies for the flu.


  1. You can prepare ginger root in boiling water until it turns yellow and then drink it as a tea. You can optionally add a spoonful of honey. Ginger contains a dozen antiviral substances and is beneficial for all cold symptoms such as sore throat, mucosal inflammation, cough, and so on. In addition, it also has an analgesic and calming effect.

Steam over a towel or take a steam bath

  1. A steam bath for a cold is a good home remedy that is still frequently used. With a severe cold or flu, you can put a bowl of boiling water on the table. Then you add a little chamomile. You sit in front of it with a towel over your head to breathe in the warm steam. This old-fashioned remedy gives relief from the complaints and it is also very easy and cheap.

Omit alcohol

  1. With a cold or flu, it is best not to drink alcohol. Thirst should be quenched with water. Alcohol removes moisture from the body and weakens the immune system. This way, the alcohol in your body will keep it from fighting the infections. The first task your body will perform is to break down alcohol.

  2. With a cold or flu, it is best not to drink alcohol. Thirst should be quenched with water. Alcohol removes moisture from the body and weakens the immune system

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