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Naturopathy: Obesity, leanness

  1. Without enough energy the body cannot do its job. This much needed energy depends on the nutrients that are given to the body tissue by digestion in small building blocks. There they are partly converted into substances, necessary for the organ concerned; the rest is released for energy combustion.


  1. Symptoms: "Just as an alcoholic cannot do without alcohol and a smoker cannot without nicotine, a person who suffers from combativeness cannot do without copious meals, it seems like an addiction. It has been established that 20% too much weight shortens a person's life by ten years. But not only do they live shorter lives, their enjoyment of life diminishes over the years, because being overweight always results in various ailments in the long run. Vein infections and fatigue are common. Becoming fat is not only limited to the adipose tissue (stomach, chest, hips), but fat deposits also form in the liver and heart muscle, which considerably limits the performance of these organs. Heart and circulation no longer function properly, thrombosis and embolism, joint changes and liver disease, brain haemorrhage, kidney disease, gallstones and diabetes can all develop as a result of that much eating. The first signs are tiredness, palpitations, feeling of pressure in the chest, swelling of the legs, constipation, sweating, various skin diseases in the skin folds, shallow and rapid breathing, pain in the crotch, sagging feet (due to chronic overload); reduce sexual function, irritability, increased blood pressure and mental lability.


  1. Too much sleep, too little exercise, no walking outdoors, no gymnastics. As in many cases, time is again to blame for eating a lot. People continue to eat, even when their hunger is satisfied. Moreover, due to the high standard of living, foods with a lot of calories are used. The increasing technology makes a lot of exercise unnecessary, something that does happen in bad times. The obesity that occurs in youth and puberty is usually harmless and disappears when the interplay of the internal glands has recovered. It is fortunate that the fat deposits on the body become visible, something that most young women cannot appreciate. This way, because they want to look nice, they ensure that they return to their normal weight.


  1. Homeopathic and neural therapeutic measures. To take away the fatigue and phlebitis. Strengthen self-confidence with the help of hypnosis and suggestion. Time and again we observe that women and also men follow a kind of Hollywood cure once a year, so eat little in order to obtain a radical weight reduction that will be eaten in the following weeks. In other cases, hunger-relieving miracles advertised by various stores are used, which indeed sometimes provide rapid weight reduction. However, this method can be rejected; even a warning is in order, because they not only place a heavy burden on the heart and circulation, but do not cause fat reduction.

Allowed foods during a degreasing treatment

  1. Meat: lean beef and veal, lean chicken and turkey, lean game, lean fish. Vegetables: all types, except artichokes, lentils, peas, corn and beans; potatoes and rice may be used to a limited extent. Bread: rye bread, crispbread and whole wheat bread.

Forbidden nutrients:

  1. Meat: pork and mutton, fatty fish (eel, smoked fish, carp and tuna) all canned fish; goose, duck. Vegetables: peas, lentils, corn, beans and artichokes. Bread: all pastries, all flour dishes, white bread, macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, pudding and semolina, no salads (except raw salads).

Sonja Bakker diet

  1. The diet as prescribed by Sonja Bakker largely meets the requirements set by natural medicine. It is a balanced diet that, with the support of exercise and walking, removes the necessary kilos. Sonja Bakker also advocates a different diet, so that a healthy weight is maintained in the long term.

Healing Process:

  1. Too fast a weight loss cure is dangerous if it is not done under supervision. It is important: if you notice palpitations, stop the treatment immediately.

Being too skinny

  1. Symptoms: Lack of appetite, excessive weight loss, underweight, is typical of constitutional leanness. It is not actually a disease but a family trait. Apart from underweighting, which is noticeable because there is no fat deposition, there is no underlying disease. An exception is rapid thinning as a result of some disease (TB, typhoid), after chronic diarrhea and diseases of the stomach, intestines, malignancies and diseases of the glands.


  1. If you are sickly too thin, the ailment is easy to combat. Much more often psychological causes in women cause them to become thin.


  1. Do not drink while eating. Every dish must be nicely spiced, look tasty, and there must be a lot of variation to stimulate the patient's appetite. Many small meals per day. The food must be high quality, with a lot of calories. But one must make sure that one does not suffer from eating too fat. Slowly switch to a diet that makes you gain weight: Easily digestible, high-quality calories (semolina, macaroni, flour, etc.). Use plenty of milk, compote and easily digestible meats (chicken, veal), whipped cream, butter, vegetable oil. Less suitable are the following foods when it comes to thickening: rye bread, wholemeal bread, baked potatoes, mutton, goose and duck, pork, bacon, giant eggs, cabbage (White cabbage, red cabbage, sauerkraut), legumes (white beans, dried peas, lentils), alcohol, coffee and strong tea.

Healing Process:

  1. Switching to the new diet is easy. Take it easy physically, so that all calories are not absorbed by the energy metabolism. Little walking, little sport, lots of rest. Take a spoonful of dextrose before eating.

To prevent this:

  1. Remove the psychological stress. If problems arise between them, spouses must resolve them jointly. Regardless of how things are, there is always a way out. It should be remembered that a shock that can be resolved for the human psyche is better than a shock for which there is no solution. See a doctor if you lose a lot of weight.

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