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Number of calories in McDonald's products

  1. In the Netherlands in 2018 there are 245 McDonald's restaurants where about 3 million guests come to eat a week. The fast food restaurant is not known for its healthy products, but it is often associated with high-calorie and fatty meals. Yet it is also possible to order a menu with less than 500 calories at McDonald's. Loose burgers often contain no more than 512 calories each. How much do the different McDonald's products and menus contain?


  1. The fast food restaurant McDonald's mainly sells burgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast foods, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts. McDonald's has received a lot of criticism in the past for its one-sided and unhealthy range. In response to this criticism, the company has also put salads, wraps and fruit on the menu. In the years 2011 to 2014, McDonald's had a hard time financially. Due to many changes, such as the introduction of McCafé, the introduction of more luxurious burgers such as the Maestroburger with Angus beef, table service, the introduction of salad bars in some establishments and the renewal of the style of the restaurants, McDonalds has in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 again achieved better results.

Citizen health

  1. Burgers are considered by many to be fatty and unhealthy. However, burgers don't have to be very unhealthy. The bacon and cheese in particular make a burger extra fat and high in calories. A simple hamburger with not too much sauce does not contain as much fat and calories as is often thought. For example, the classic McDonald's hamburger contains fewer calories and saturated fats than a double sandwich spread with margarine and topped with cheese. Also surprising is that about 75 percent of the burgers and McNuggets at McDonald's contain no more than 512 calories.

Calories in McDonald's Products

  1. The tables below show the number of calories in McDonald's products sorted by product category in order from few to many calories.


  1. Product Calories Little McWrap Honey Mustard 246 Hamburger 253 Chicken McNuggets 6 268 Cheesburger 302 Filet-O-Fish 331 McKroket 349 Chili Chicken 358 Chicken McNuggets 9 402 Veggie Burger 425 McChicken 450 Big Mac 503 Quarter Pounder 512 Homestyle Crispy Chicken 764 Maestro burger with 100% Angus beef 780 Big Tasty with Bacon 871 Chicken McNuggets 20 893

Fries and sauce

  1. Product Calories Barbecue sauce 40 Curry sauce 44 Ketchup 46 Sweet and sour sauce 48 Mustard sauce 59 French fries sauce 106 Mayonnaise 214 French Fries Small 231 French Fries Medium 330 French Fries Large 434

Salads and dressing

  1. Product Calories Side Salad 26 Honey mustard dressing 82 Balsamic dressing 83 Grilled Chicken Salad Sweet Spicy 137 Curry-apple dressing 183 Bacon 'n Cheese Salad 290


  1. Product Calories Coca Cola light or zero small, medium, large 1 Sprite small, medium, large 1 Cappuccino medium, large 76, 114 Fristi 80 Lipton Ice small, medium, large 84, 136, 172 Fresh Orange Juice 96 Coca Cola small, medium, large 108, 168, 212 Coffee wrong medium, large 110, 165 Fanta small, medium, large 116, 188, 236 Tropicana 124 Fresh strawberry-banana smoothie 130 Chocomel 149 Hot Chocolate medium, large 150, 229 Strawberry milkshake small, medium, large 203, 325, 407 Milkshake vanilla small, medium, large 203, 326, 407 Milkshake chocolate small, medium, large 205, 329, 411 Banana milkshake small, medium, large 216, 344, 431 Iced Fruit Smoothie Strawberry Banana 218 Iced Fruit Smoothie Mango Pineapple 237 Iced Frappé Caramel Medium 466 Iced Frappé White Chocolate Raspberry 627


  1. Product Calories Snack tomatoes 10 Fresh fruit 36 Danoontje 74 Ice cream cone 128 Sundae ice cream with strawberry sauce 184 Sundae ice cream with caramel sauce 238 Sundae ice cream with chocolate sauce 243 McFlurry M M's Peanut 355 Triple Chocolate Cookie 376 White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie 376 McFlurry Caramel Sea Salt 410 McFlurry Oreo 426 McFlurry Banana-Toffee 459


  1. Product Calories Egg McMuffin 289 Croissant 300 Yogurt with crispy muesli 302 McMuffin Bacon Egg 317 Very Berry Yoghurt with crunchy muesli 337 Pancakes 346 McMuffin Sausage Egg 434


  1. Jam 35 Syrup 58 Butter 72 Nutella 81

Calories in McDonald's Menus

  1. Many people will choose a menu at McDonald's. A menu is often cheaper than buying individual products. A disadvantage, however, is that with a menu you quickly consume a lot of calories. A menu often consists of a burger or McNuggets, a portion of medium or large fries and a soft drink of your choice. Fortunately, you can also make healthier choices at McDonald's. Instead of fries, you can opt for a side salad and instead of a sugar-rich soft drink you can opt for a diet soda or water. McDonald's also has salad menus in its range.

Eating at McDonald's without many calories

  1. After the introduction of healthier items, McDonald's will certainly be able to consume fewer calories. There are quite a few menus available with less than 500 calories, as long as you replace the fries with a side salad and choose a low-calorie drink. Also a salad menu or just a hamburger or chicken McNuggets with a low-calorie drink is often no more than 500 calories. Watch out for high-calorie dressing, as the curry apple dressing alone contains more calories than the whole Grilled Chicken Salad Sweet Spicy salad. If you don't want to consume too many calories, don't order large burgers, large fries or milkshakes or other sugary drinks.

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