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Organic buttermilk is healthy?

  1. Buttermilk is a low-fat dairy product (drinkable) that tastes very sour. It used to be called buttermilk. Years ago this product was originally produced by churning (the name says it all) sour cream. Today all of this is done in a dairy.

  1. The name has not changed over the years, but the composition has. In the past no sugar was added, but nowadays everything has to taste as sweet as possible, sugars are added by the factory. If you buy buttermilk at the store and you already think it tastes sour, there is still something waiting for you when you drink "real" buttermilk.

  1. Buttermilk is not only regarded as a “drink”. The product can be used in desserts, pancakes and other dishes.

  1. Streaks after drinking?

  1. For those who have been wondering for years why streaks remain in the glass, I have the answer for you here. The cause of the stripes is due to the composition of the buttermilk. The lactic acid attacks the protein particles in the â € œmilkâ € that start to clump together. These protein particles will stick to the glass as though.

Is it healthy?

  1. Today's buttermilk all contain added sugars. Admittedly to a very small extent, but still… Only organic buttermilk is still made the old-fashioned way. In short, this means that no added sugars are involved!

  1. Yes, I can say wholeheartedly. I am someone who does not directly believe what is described. I have researched extensively (hours of research) what the benefits of buttermilk are.

  1. Why is it good?

  1. Buttermilk primarily promotes the bacterial balance in your body. The bacteria in your mouth, intestines and stomach are improved / strengthened. It strengthens and protects the skin from within and also has blood pressure lowering properties because it protects the blood vessels against damage so that cholesterol fats cannot stick. Menopausal women and growing children can also enjoy buttermilk.

  1. What's in it?

  1. Buttermilk is packed with good essential vitamins and minerals and because we need them on a daily basis, we can enjoy buttermilk every day at leisure. Below is a brief overview of the minerals and vitamins contained in buttermilk:

  1. In conclusion, I can tell you that drinking buttermilk every day is healthy. I must clearly state that only unsweetened buttermilk is healthy. Most varieties on the shelves of the store contain added sugars, which will reduce the "healthy" effect. Most health food stores (and the larger supermarkets) offer organic buttermilk!

  1. I always buy organic buttermilk at the AH!

  1. UPDATE: It has been found that sugar is now being added to AH's Organic Buttermilk. Obviously, this can no longer be called 'healthy'.

  1. Do you have a nice recipe for me with buttermilk as an ingredient (for example â € œhangopâ €), please let me know!

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