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Painful, burning glans: causes and treatment of pain

  1. A painful or burning glans or glans penis, ie at the end of the male penis, can be present all the time or occur in certain situations. Some men experience a burning sensation in the glans for long periods in certain situations, but in most cases this symptom occurs only temporarily. Burning pain in the glans usually gets worse during urination or ejaculation and then stops.

Causes of a painful, burning glans

  1. The glans is the round end of the human penis

Burning glans while urinating

  1. Burning pain in the head of the penis, which mainly occurs when urinating, can have various causes. Painful urination is known as alguria. The causes of burning pain when urinating can be with the glans itself, but penile pain or bladder pain can also be misperceived as pain in the glans. A typical burning sensation during urination with a dark urine color may indicate lower urinary tract infection

Red, burning head

  1. Redness is a typical sign of inflammation. Typical signs of inflammation are warmth, redness, swelling, and pain in the inflamed area. If the glans is swollen and red on the outside, this indicates a balanitis or posthitis or an inflamed foreskin. Under the foreskin

Acorn burns and flakes

  1. The outer layer of the glans is on the one hand quite sensitive, on the other hand regenerative. The constant renewal of the skin can cause flaking. Several factors can cause irritation and flaking. Mechanical stress in particular can irritate the glans. Friction caused by a dry vagina during sexual intercourse

Glans hurts and burns during ejaculation

  1. Some men experience burning pain in the area of ​​the glans during or after ejaculation. The pain can burn during ejaculation. In this case, the discharge is sometimes slightly bloody. The reason for this pain is mainly found in the prostate. When it is inflamed, it mainly affects ejaculation. This will be prostatitis or prostatitis

Red dots on the glans

  1. Red dots or spots on the glans are not a disease in themselves, but just an appearance on the skin, which is also a rash

Acorn burns and stinks

  1. A persistent stench from the acorn

Treatment of a painful glans

  1. To detect an infection of the glans or urinary tract, the doctor will remove some mucus from the inflamed areas with a cotton swab for examination in the laboratory. Urinalysis may also be performed

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