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Plant medicines for depression

  1. Food and depression have a clear scientific relationship. It turns out that eating omega-3 fats is very good for depression. In Iceland there are fewer people with depression than in other countries. Interestingly, Icelanders eat more omega-3 fats than all other peoples. Food with a lot of omega-3 fats is flax seed or linseed. Flax seeds can help as a support when someone is suffering from irritability and some other psychological problems.

Eating Disorder

  1. When someone is depressed there is sometimes a tendency to eat a lot of sweets. This can negatively disrupt the energy balance, making one also feel tired. Sugar is an addiction

Food against depression

  1. Medicines for depression are so severe that it is wise to avoid being dependent on them at all times. It is therefore wise to first turn to natural remedies without side effects in case of mild depression. The side effects of chemical anti-depressants are severe. Some medications even have an increased risk of suicide as a side effect. It is in itself very special that such drugs are allowed. It is therefore much more sensible to use herbs and food as medicine

Combination of products

  1. Solving diseases by means of one vegetable product is almost never possible. A combination of options should be applied. Preferably you take a phytotherapist


  1. Omega3 is good for treating depression. It is in some types of seeds and fish. Fish is not used in phytotherapy as a medicine for depression. Many dietitians do prescribe fish on the internet. Fish is not a vegetarian option. In addition, there are other drawbacks to fish. Eating too much fish is not good and there are more and more heavy, toxic metals in fish. Depression often has to do with an imbalance in omega3 fatty acids. Foods that contain a lot of this, such as flax seed, can easily be added to the hot meal daily. Omega3 is an important nutrient for the brain. We usually eat too many fats that have been stripped of omega3 fatty acids. In summer purslane

Circulatory system

  1. Another fact is that the blood circulation, especially the circulation in the capillaries in the brain, is less good in those who suffer from depression. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies in the brain. Garlic stimulates the flow in the capillaries, making it a good remedy for depression. Ginkgo biloba also stimulates blood flow. You can buy ginkgo tea in the organic store. Rosemary

St. John's wort

  1. St. John's wort


  1. Garlic has a calming and blood purifying effect. The Ancient Egyptians


  1. Rosemary is not only a nice green herb but it also helps against memory weakness, concentration problems, exhaustion, lack of energy, mild depression, apathy, mental overload and nervousness. The Ancient Greeks and Romans

Perilla frutescens

  1. Perilla frutescens is the Latin name for black nettle. It is the Asian variety of this nettle. It looks just like our nettle

A note on science

  1. Finally, here are three treatments for depression for which there is no evidence. The indications described above are supported by science. On the internet you can regularly read in popular articles from home and abroad that saffron, oatmeal

Saffron and other unproven claims

  1. Saffron has not been scientifically proven to have positive effects on depression. Some claim that it has a calming effect on the nervous system. Other herbs that are regularly mentioned on the internet because they are supposed to work against depression are: turmeric, sesame seeds and cocoa. Some writers believe that folic acid, tryptophan, magnesium and serotonin are necessary for the healthy functioning of the mind. For example, one article recommended chocolate. But the sugars in chocolate can actually cause unwanted results because by eating sugar you can have an eating attack again after an hour. That does not help.

  2. It has not been scientifically proven that saffron has positive effects on depression. Some claim that it has a calming effect on the nervous system. Other herbs that

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