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Pregnancy Nutrition special part 3: After Pregnancy

  1. Click below to read Part 2: Pregnancy Nutrition special part 2: During Pregnancy

  1. In the previous two parts, we discussed nutrition before and during pregnancy. If you think it's over now, you are completely wrong! Breastfeeding follows after pregnancy. So your child is still dependent on what you eat and drink.


  1. Some mothers find this difficult and immediately opt for the bottle, but fortunately more and more mothers are coming to raise their newborn baby with breastfeeding. Just to remind you, just a summary of the benefits of breastfeeding:

  1. How long breastfeeding is required for optimal results is still a point of contention among physicians and scientists. But the general opinion is that 6 months is the most beneficial for the baby and the mother

  1. '' According to the World Health Organization, breastfeeding is recommended until the age of 6 months. After that, solid foods will also have to be added. Breastfeeding is possible until the age of 2 years or more. ''

  1. So even after childbirth, your eating pattern still affects the baby through breast milk.

  1. In this way you give your child, and yourself, the best start in their early life. A start they need in order to be able to develop further later without any problems into healthy adults with a strong constitution and a good immune system.

And thenâ € Your old weight and model back!

  1. A lot has happened to your body during pregnancy, both in your body and in appearance. Your skin is stretched, your breasts are different and there are still some extra pounds to get rid of.

  1. If you are still breastfeeding, you will have to wait a while to work on this. This would cost too much energy, which would not benefit the breast milk. But if you have just stopped breastfeeding, you are of course eager to get your old figure back!

Some tips:

  1. In the three parts of this special, we discussed the most important points about nutrition before, during and after pregnancy. It's a long list, with all kinds of details. Try to get the big picture by simply eating healthy food, in combination with a healthy rhythm of life. The extra things you need during the whole process are often available as multivitamins (incl. Folic acid) which are especially for sale in the store.

  1. Finally, it is very important to always discuss all changes in your diet with a specialist first! Â

  1. However and whatever you do: do it with common sense!

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