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Pregnant and liver sausage

  1. One of the products that pregnant women are warned about is liverwurst. Although liverwurst is not a raw sausage, there is a danger in eating liverwurst. Because of the high liver content, the sausage contains a relatively large amount of vitamin A, which according to experts should not be eaten too much during pregnancy.


  1. The first liver sausage dates from the seventeenth century. Over the years, many different types and recipes of liverwurst have emerged. There is Groningen liver sausage, Hague liver sausage, Saxon liver sausage, spread liver sausage, farmer's liver sausage and so on. In most cases, liverwurst is put on the bread, but liverwurst also works well as a snack, as about 40 percent is eaten as a snack. Every year we all eat more than twelve million kilos of liverwurst, the majority of which is bought in the supermarket and a considerably smaller part at the butcher.


  1. Liver sausage contains, depending on the variety, the following ingredients: pork liver, pork, pork collagen, stabilizers, antioxidants, hydrolysed vegetable protein, pork hemoglobin. The liver and meat are the main ingredients and mainly serve for the taste and structure of the liver sausage. The other ingredients are additives that provide, among other things, the taste, color and consistency of the liver sausage.

Danger of Liverwurst during pregnancy

  1. Eating liverwurst during pregnancy can be dangerous.

Dangers of vitamin A

  1. The nutrition center recommends not to eat too much liverwurst during pregnancy because of the high vitamin A content. Too high an intake of vitamin A can be dangerous for pregnant women. Vitamin A can be harmful to the unborn baby. Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, too high a vitamin A intake can be fatal. The safe upper limit for vitamin A intake has been set at 3000 micrograms per day, which is three times the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin A.

Vitamin A in liver sausage

  1. The high vitamin A content in liver sausage comes from the main ingredient in the sausage, namely liver. The liver can store large amounts of vitamins. This is the reason that liver contains a large amount of vitamin A. Liver sausage consists of an average of about thirty percent liver. Per hundred grams, pork liver contains about 13 milligrams of vitamin A. Liver sausage contains on average about 4.5 milligrams of vitamin A per hundred grams of sausage. A portion of liverwurst of 20 grams is good for ninety percent of the recommended amount of vitamin A. Together with other foods that contain vitamin A, a portion of liverwurst will quickly exceed the recommended daily amount. With a serving of 70 grams of liver sausage, the daily safe upper limit for vitamin A intake has already been exceeded.

Vitamin A indispensable during pregnancy

  1. Vitamin A can be dangerous at high intake, but on the other hand it also plays an important role in the growth of the fetus and is therefore indispensable during pregnancy. Therefore, during pregnancy, the recommended daily allowance for vitamin A is increased from 800 to 1000 micrograms per day. Partly due to the advice of the health council not to eat too much liver and liver products such as liver sausage, many pregnant women get too little vitamin A during pregnancy. Especially if you do not use margarine, the daily vitamin A intake can be too low. In this case, it is advisable to eat a liverwurst sandwich several times a week. The advice is to limit this to a maximum of one sandwich per day, but if you don't eat liverwurst that often, a second sandwich is no problem.

Liver sausage or not?

  1. Liver sausage can be a healthy addition to a pregnant woman's diet. It must be ensured that not too much liverwurst is eaten. Also look at the amount of vitamin A that you already get daily through other foods. You must distinguish between vitamin A from animal products and vitamin A from vegetable products. Fruit and vegetables do not contain vitamin A, but beta-carotene, which can be converted by the body into vitamin A. Too high a dose of beta-carotene does not have the same harmful effect as an excessive dose of vitamin A from animal products. A portion of liver is therefore harmful, while a portion of carrots with a portion of spinach does not do much harm.

Vitamin A in foods

  1. The table below shows how much vitamin A contains certain foods. By keeping track of what you eat throughout the day, you can calculate how much vitamin A you are getting. If you already reach the recommended amount with only animal products, it is not advisable to eat another portion of liverwurst. If you get your vitamin A mainly from fruit and vegetables, then a portion of liver sausage won't hurt. If you do not reach the recommended daily amount of vitamin A at all, then a portion of liverwurst is a good addition.

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