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Protein diet during cancer treatment

  1. During an alternative cancer cure it is extra important to eat a lot of protein and no carbohydrates in the form of pasta, rice or carbohydrate-rich tubers. Now carbohydrates are in all kinds of vegetables, but that is usually in low amounts. An alternative cancer cure can be done in combination with chemotherapy. When regular and alternative medicine are combined with each other, this is called complementary medicine. Complementary means: complementing each other. No sugar should be eaten with this nutritional cure against cancer. Emphasis is placed on vegetables, oils, grains, seeds, herbal teas and dairy.


  1. High protein diet in cancer Organic bread and bread substitutes Breakfast Eggs Legumes Avocado dip Nuts as a snack Seeds Eat cottage cheese Eat full cream yogurt

Protein-rich diet in cancer

  1. Brian Peskin, among others, writes that a protein-rich diet during a cancer cure is very healthy. Brian Peskin says, among other things, that protein from meat is healthy. That may be true, but unfortunately the health of meat only applies to very expensive biodynamic meat. All other meat is contaminated with growth hormones, medicines and preservatives. In principle, scientific research shows that vegetarians have a lower risk of cancer, but it is not true that vegetarianism protects people from cancer. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and you want to radically change course by eating vegetarian, you might want to let that intention rest for a while. You may want to consider becoming a vegetarian later, as the proteins in meat can fight cancer.

Organic bread and bread substitutes

  1. Cereals and grain substitutes are vegetarian sources of protein. Now it is true that you still have many different types of proteins. It is therefore best to vary with bread choice. You can bake your own bread from a mix of whole grain, whole flours. There are all kinds of wheat fear stories out there, but there's nothing wrong with unrefined organic wheat at all. If you do suffer from bread belly anxiety, you can replace wheat with one of dozens of other grains.


  1. Oats or oatmeal is the healthiest breakfast. You can sweeten it without sugar with apple and cinnamon. Organic honey is an option to make it sweeter. Oatmeal is healthy. Still, most Dutch people remain addicted to bread. You could keep eating bread, but stick to organic wheat bread and vary with muesli, oatmeal, rye bread, corn bread and buckwheat bread. Many organic bakers have walnut bread for sale; this way you get extra protein and omega 3 and 6, which is very healthy to fight cancer preventively. White bread is out of the question. White bread contains almost no minerals and vitamins; it contains large amounts of carbohydrates or difficult to digest sugars. The advantage of organic bread is that you need less of it to be full. Also try making a grainless nut bread from


  1. Eggs are high in protein and other important substances. You can eat eggs daily. Doctors used to say eggs were bad for cholesterol, but there is no evidence at all for that assumption. In fact, eggs are very healthy.


  1. Legumes contain the best vegetarian source of protein. They are tasty and super healthy. Besides proteins there are many other substances in legumes, including minerals.

Avocado dip

  1. Avocados are very healthy for the cancer patient because they contain a lot of protein. Because sugar is not healthy, there are many alternative doctors who temporarily reject the use of fruit. These doctors will tell you that fruits such as avocado and papaya are actually healthy. You can prepare avocados daily. Sometimes you put them in a salad, the other time you can make guacamole. An avocado makes any smoothie "creamier". You can also eat the avocado pure.

Nuts as a snack

  1. Nuts are not fattening. They contain all kinds of healthy substances. It contains especially many minerals. A few handfuls of nuts every day is a great idea for getting protein accompanied by a variety of antioxidants. You can buy a nut spread such as hazelnut spread or pumpkin seed paste at the organic store. You can use it in meals or put it on bread.


  1. In addition to nuts, seeds are a good source of protein. You can put seeds on a salad. Many seeds go with sweet (but sugar-free!) Flavors of a dessert. You can combine them well with sugar substitutes. You can add extra seeds to the peanut butter sandwich.

Eat cottage cheese

  1. Quark is delicious in a fruit salad, on bread with cheese and just plain as a dessert. Cottage cheese contains both proteins and fats that are important for the cancer patient.

Eat full cream yogurt

  1. Cream yoghurt from the Demeter quality mark is the healthiest. Many other yogurts contain too much sugar and not enough fat. It is a mystery why people think they should eat fat-free. Fat is certainly not a fattening substance. From the 1970s onwards, Western governments have campaigned to eat less fat. As a result, Westerners do indeed eat much less fat than in the last century. But everyone knows that the obesity problem has never been as big as it is now. Obesity is a disease that increases the risk of other diseases. Some people say that obesity is not a disease, but that is a misconception. Obesity, like other lifestyle diseases, is caused by incorrect nutrition that triggers inflammation at the cellular level or low-grade inflammation. Back year the cream yogurt: it contains all kinds of animal proteins and fats that the cancer patient can benefit from extra.

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