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Recovery after pregnancy - Tips

  1. After pregnancy and delivery, hormone or hormonal imbalance can cause problems such as hair loss, pigmentation abnormalities (pigmentation spots or pregnancy mask), poor breastfeeding or milk production and depressed feelings or postnatal depression ( postpartum depression). Certain foods, supporting herbs and supplements, can help promote recovery from symptoms or problems after pregnancy.

Recovery after pregnancy

  1. A number of problems may arise after pregnancy and delivery. The most common problems are:

Hormones and hormone balance

  1. Many of these problems can be traced back to (insufficient) adjustment to the changing hormones and hormone balance during and after pregnancy. Certain foods, (food) supplements and herbs can help normalize hormone balance after childbirth.

Hair loss after pregnancy

  1. A person normally loses about 100 hairs a day. During pregnancy this number can be much lower. On the other hand, after pregnancy, there can sometimes be abnormally much hair loss, sometimes even creating bald spots. In fact, at that time there is actually a delayed loss of hair that has been retained (too long) during pregnancy. Although this is a normal process, it is often an annoying phenomenon. Women and their hair ... that can be really sensitive. In general, this hair loss will eventually recover on its own. In case of any problems in recovery or extreme hair loss, the following supplements can help restore hair growth:

Pregnancy and pigmentation abnormalities

  1. During pregnancy, changes in pigment structures, the so-called pigmentation spots, often take place on the abdomen, around the nipples and sometimes on the face. The term for pigmentation spots on the face is pregnancy mask. In general, this excess pigment gradually disappears on its own in the post-pregnancy period. If this pigment does not disappear smoothly or if there are any problems, the following products or supplements can help:

Breastfeeding after pregnancy

  1. When breastfeeding does not start properly, there can sometimes be psychological stress instead of physical causes. Which is not surprising at all, because an awful lot happens in a relatively short time and there is almost no time to relax or acclimatize quietly. Evidence of a physical cause of stagnant breastfeeding lies in a vitamin B6 deficiency during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Supplements to stimulate breastfeeding

  1. Extra intake of 25 mg vitamin B6 (it is best to do this already during the third trimester of pregnancy) Popular remedies, the effect of which has not been scientifically proven, but which originate from experience and seem to work in practice, include brown beer, the herbs caraway and fennel. A Surinamese folk remedy to stimulate breastfeeding is bean sprouts Herbs whose effect has been scientifically researched with regard to the influence on breastfeeding or milk yield are: elderberry (Sambucus nigra), which appears to promote milk yield. Sage (Salvia officinalis) which seems to reduce milk yield.

Postpartum depression (Postpartum depression)

  1. The many changes suddenly in a short time and the lack of time for recovery, to recover and to be able to slowly 'grow in' in the new situation, can have a major impact on the mood. Inadequate recovery of normal hormone balance after pregnancy is seen as the main cause of post-natal depression. Food, herbs and supplements that can reduce the complaints or contribute to the normalization of the hormone balance include:

Depressed feelings

  1. Besides the use of stimulant foods, herbs and supplements to normalize the hormone balance, it is important to accept that sad or depressed feelings can be part of it. It is very important to keep talking about the (sad) feelings a lot. And above all: not feeling shame or guilt about it. Many women feel guilty about feeling sad or depressed because they "should be very happy with their newborn baby." If the depressive feelings persist for a long time, it is advisable to consult an expert (doctor or psychologist) and / or talk to fellow sufferers.

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