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Red wine to boost your health

  1. Is red wine good for your health or not? Over the weekend I had a nice glass of "merlot" and talked to a friend about whether this is health or not. I've read that it can't hurt, provided you don't drink too many glasses a week. In fact, it can even improve your health. What is the golden midday road now, should it even exist?

  1. What's in red wine? Which grapes are healthy or are there also grapes that are less healthy? In this article I will "unravel" a few things about red wine and your health

  1. There are quite a few studies that confirm that red wine has a major impact on your health. This would allow you to live longer and greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (including high blood pressure). But what's in red wine that can make us so healthy?

Red wine and polyphenols

  1. Red wine contains a lot of polyphenols. Normally this chemical compound occurs in plants. These polyphenols have an anti-inflammatory effect in a human body. In the daily foods, polyphenols are mainly found in: Beer, wine, tea, black currants, peanuts, olive oil and various types of vegetables. You would think, beautiful right? Then I can drink beer all day long. Unfortunately, this is not the case because beer also contains bad substances when it is drunk excessively.

  1. Polyphenols protect our body against so-called free radicals and ensure that body cells are used effectively. One study even indicates that if you regularly drink fruit juices with polyphenols, the risk of Alzheimer's is reduced by 76%.

  1. Your immune system also gets a huge boost, reducing the risk of general illnesses such as the flu. Very important for the elderly.

  1. This is a tricky question to answer. When you drink half a bottle of red wine a day your brain will function better in the short term, especially women benefit from this. But to drink half a bottle of wine every day now seems like an exaggeration because it is relatively high in alcohol. If you drink more than 4 bottles per week, your brain activity could decrease. A glass of red wine a day will not harm most people, quite the opposite.

  1. There isn't really a golden middle ground. As always this is personal. It has long been known that red wine can make your body healthier, but how much wine this is, differs per body. I myself drink 3 to 4 glasses of red wine a week (on weekends).

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