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Relationship: What if your partner is in doubt?

  1. A crisis within the relationship or marriage is serious, but how serious is it when your loved one is in a relationship crisis and has doubts about your relationship? What is a possible cause of a crisis? What advice do experts give when your partner is in doubt? What are the experiences of other partners whose partners were in doubt?


  1. About a quarter of the Dutch population will sooner or later go through a crisis in his (or her) life, the life crisis described as:


  1. It is tough for the doubter's steady partner: the life they have built together suddenly collapses like a house of cards. There is also not much information on this subject that the doubter's partner can find support and understanding. The doubter's partner has to do with:


  1. Once one of the partners is unhappy or in doubt, your relationship is no longer ideal. Maybe the relationship was ideal for you before. Experts (Psychologist Nienke Wijnants), however, claim that if you hold on to the thoughts that the relationship was ideal before, you would not take the complaint of your doubting partner that something must change seriously enough. According to expert psychologist Mira Kirschenbaum, it's important for you to empathize with what your partner is going through right now. Easily said then done, because your partner's life is turned upside down by the doubt, but your life too!

Person in crisis

  1. What is your partner going through while he (or she) has doubts about your relationship? According to some psychologists, it is very important that the partner of the person who has such doubts knows how the doubting partner feels during a crisis:


  1. Partners of doubting partners have had the following experiences:


  1. It is extremely difficult for the steady partner whose partnet has doubts about the relationship and is in crisis to be a good friend during your partner's crisis. Your own world is also completely upside down and yet you will have to do your best for your partner:

In love with someone else

  1. And here we come to a very big problem: because of the impotence and the feeling of not being understood, we are very variable during such a great crisis: to fall in love with someone else ! This other person can meet the need for an objective interlocutor, but also the doubter's partner can, if the crisis lasts for a long time, also feel a need for an outlet and fall in love with another!


  1. The partners need for an objective interlocutor during the relationship crisis can very well be fulfilled by a:

Identity crisis

  1. Want to know more about the subject of identity crisis? The following psychologists have written some books about it:

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