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Review Smart pizza. Healthy replacement for normal pizza or not?

  1. Unhealthy or not, almost everyone occasionally sins with a tasty frozen pizza. Sometimes you just really don't feel like making an effort, and then this is of course an easy alternative. The problem remains that it is not very healthy, with all that white flour and the heavily processed ingredients.

  1. The Smart pizza is one of the products that is promoted as a good alternative. More protein and less carbohydrates are the main advantages. But does that also make this pizza healthier? In this review we look at whether the Smart pizza deserves a place in your freezer.

Pizza unhealthy?

  1. First of all: what is the problem with standard pizzas? Unfortunately there are several… To begin with, there is the bottom: it really consists mainly of white flour. This causes your blood sugar level to skyrocket, resulting in an energy peak and subsequent dip. Fluctuating glucose levels are unfortunately very unhealthy.

  1. The toppings don't make it much better. Ready-to-eat tomato sauce often contains an unnecessary amount of sugar. The cheese is 'fake cheese', with too much salt and unhealthy fats. Furthermore, the meat on a pizza also contains saturated fats, which most people already consume too much of. Vegetables are often nowhere to be seen.

Advantages of the Smart pizza

  1. How does the Smart pizza score on these points? First of all, the bottom. The pizza packaging proudly announces that the unhealthy white flour has been replaced by oatmeal. Sounds nice, but unfortunately it is only partly true: there is still plain wheat flour in the bottom.

  1. The result is healthier than a standard pizza base. Extra proteins have been added and the whole contains less fast carbohydrates. Better, but not exactly as good as you might think.

Toppings from the Smart pizza

  1. And how is this Smart floor subsequently invested? The pizza comes in five different flavors:

  1. How healthy the toppings are, depends a bit on the pizza you choose. Some variants contain some vegetables, others hardly. There is a source of protein everywhere, but sometimes it is a bit leaner. The amount of unhealthy fats also depends a bit on that.

Please compare

  1. To better assess how healthy this pizza is, we compare the nutritional values ​​of the Smart pizza with a regular supermarket pizza.

  1. Smart Pizza (Tasty Tonno) (per 100 grams) Â

  1. Supermarket tuna pizza (per 100 grams) Â

  1. If we look at it like this, the Smart pizza doesn't score that much better than a normal pizza! Slightly fewer calories and a little more protein, yes, but where does the claim “81% more protein” come from? That is a mystery to us.

  1. Furthermore, the ingredient list of the Smart pizza is a lot longer than that of a simple frozen pizza. That may yield better nutritional results, but that does not mean that it is also healthier. Products like corn starch really don't make your pizza any more nutritious…

Make your own pizza!

  1. If you want to eat healthier, the Smart pizza is not the breakthrough you were hoping for. Ultimately, you are healthier by just baking your own pizza. This also saves you a lot on groceries, because such a Smart pizza costs a nice € 5.25 each.

  1. And good news: making a healthy pizza yourself is not that complicated at all. In this blog we give you a few responsible tips for bottom, sauce and toppings!

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