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Review: Vegan Protein from Body Fit. What do we think?

  1. When it comes to proteins, most people think of meat and fish first. However, there are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan athletes who would like to get enough protein! Unfortunately, the latter group in particular has a difficult time in terms of supplements.

  1. At Body Fit they therefore sell a special vegan protein powder, the Vegan Protein. But what about the nutritional values ​​of such a plant product? And â € “also important â €“ how does it taste? You will read it in this review.

Vegan Protein Powder

  1. For many vegans it is difficult to find a good protein powder. Most standard powders and shakes are made from whey and casein proteins. Both are usually obtained from milk. If you do not eat animal products, that is clearly inconvenient!

  1. Unfortunately, the range of good vegan protein powders is not yet very wide. Fortunately, that is now beginning to change at Body Fit. In addition to four flavors of protein powder (banana, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate), they now also sell Vegan Protein Bars there. There is also plenty to choose from for vegans.

Nutritional Value Vegan Protein

  1. The question then remains of course: how good is this variant of protein powder? Let's take a look at the nutritional values ​​first. One scoop of Vegan Protein (25 grams) provides the following macros:

  1. If we compare that with the non-vegan protein powders from Body Fit, you can see a difference. For example, the Whey Perfection contains more than 20 grams of protein per scoop. That's a lot more than the 15 grams that the Vegan Protein offers.

  1. However, the vegan variant also offers advantages. For example, the amount of fiber is a lot higher (0.5 grams per scoop in the Whey Perfection). The amount of carbohydrates is also a fraction lower, and the Vegan Protein contains more than twice as few fast sugars.

Vegan proteins

  1. Let's take a closer look at those proteins. Not only the quantity is important there. It is also important that protein powder provides complete proteins, that is, proteins with all nine essential amino acids. With vegan protein powders this does not always work well, because vegetable sources do not contain all amino acids.

  1. Fortunately, that is not so bad with the Vegan Protein. The proteins come from many different sources: peas, lupine, hemp, pumpkin and rice. Because each source has a different ratio of amino acids, this way you get a complete pattern.

Vegetable blend?

  1. Body Fit would like to add that their Vegan Protein contains vegetables. “With 31 vegetable, superfoods and fruit extracts”, the website enthusiastically claims. That sounds great, but you don't have to get that enthusiastic about it. It is not really about vegetables, but about the extracts thereof. A big difference.

  1. Extracts usually retain a lot less vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the 31 types of fruit and vegetables make up only a small part of the protein powder. No reason to suddenly give up your daily portion of vegetables, so…

Taste Vegan Protein

  1. Finally - not unimportant - the taste. As mentioned, you can buy Vegan Protein in four flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry. So there is a good chance that you will like one anyway! The Vanilla is the most neutral flavor, the others are slightly sweeter.

  1. The big advantage of this powder is that it is not just pea proteins. That quickly creates a crazy, dry taste. You don't have to be afraid of that with this Vegan Protein.

Buy Vegan Protein?

  1. In short: the Vegan Protein is slightly less protein rich than regular whey powder, but still an excellent option. The vegetable extracts do not add much, but do not make the product worse. Definitely an excellent choice for vegans.

  1. You buy the Vegan Protein per 400 grams, which are 16 measuring spoons of 25 grams. You pay € 9.90 for a pack. Slightly more expensive than regular protein powder, again, but it doesn't matter that much. You can order it here!

  2. You buy the Vegan Protein per 400 grams, which are 16 measuring spoons of 25 grams. You pay €9.90 for a pack. Slightly more expensive than regular protein powder, again, but it doesn't make any difference. You can order it here!

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