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Ripples on the nails are a common problem

  1. Ripples on the nails are an annoying problem. With age, you sometimes have to deal with minor nail, skin or hair problems that you have never noticed before. They sometimes come very gradually, so you don't notice them right away. A few extra hairs, a fat bump under the skin that does not go away or therefore ridges on the nails. In the beginning people often think that it is temporary, perhaps because of a reduced immune system or something like that, but when more and more nails turn out to be affected, people often still worry. However, it is not easily taken to the doctor, because it does not seem to be a really big problem. Usually the anxiety is not necessary at all.

Nails and the nail bed are important for the functioning of the hands

  1. In healthy, young people the nails are usually no problem. They grow well, require regular trimming and are good tools for opening something and grabbing small things, such as needles and pins. Those who eat well and varied also get enough calcium to form strong nails. The nails are built up from the nail bed. However, if there is a lack of lime, the nails can sometimes be weaker and can break or split.

Lack of lime is a common problem

  1. There can be various causes for a lack of lime. For example, people on a diet that has milk products removed may sometimes be deficient in calcium, because much of the calcium we need comes from milk products. It is wise to have this checked out by a dietician and to correct the deficiency through calcium tablets. People who do not eat a varied diet can also develop a calcium deficiency. So ensure a well-varied diet.

The appearance of ridges on the nails is gradual and usually noticed late

  1. Sometimes you only notice that some nails show ridges if they always hook in the same place at the top, causing a piece to tear. On closer inspection you will usually discover an uneven top on some other nails as well. Most people are startled by this, but usually the process has been going on for a while by then. Incidentally, it affects not only older people, but also young people sometimes suffer from it.

Vertical and horizontal ridges may be seen

  1. The ridges can occur in two directions: in vertical form and in horizontal form. Horizontal ridges are rare. They often occur with a discoloration of the nails and can sometimes indicate a health problem. Sometimes you also discover a horizontal ridge after a serious illness.

Vertical ridges with aging

  1. Vertical ridges are common and usually with aging. Only rarely do they deal with a real health problem. However, most of the time there is nothing wrong and it is probably just an aging process of the nails.

The cause of those ridges is still not completely clear

  1. Nobody knows exactly what causes the ridges to appear on the nails. Anyone looking on the internet will see all kinds of possible causes, from a shortage of vitamin B to a deterioration of the liver. It would scare people, but that would certainly not be good. Anyone who asks family members, friends and acquaintances about ribbed nails in their own environment will immediately discover that ridges on the nails are a widespread problem, which not everyone is difficult about. It is therefore not advisable to immediately start thinking about bad ailments, because usually there is nothing serious going on.

Most widely held opinion on the problem

  1. The most widespread opinion is that the nails get ridges due to drying out. This is possible, because they are most common in old age. Arthritis can also be a possible cause for rippled nails and a skin disease like psoriasis, but most of the time it is simply due to aging, causing the nails to become more dry.

Take extra care of the nails

  1. It can sometimes help to care for the nails with nail cream or nail oil. This in turn brings some moisture and grease to the nails, making them less likely to break.

Filing with a polishing file can sometimes reduce the symptoms

  1. Those who are annoyed by the ridges can try to file them flat with a polishing file. A polishing file is not the same as a nail file, which smooths the top of the nails, but a special file for these ridges. You can use it to file away the ridges very carefully, but it will weaken the nail. You should therefore be careful not to remove too much of it and always use a nail hardener or nail polish after filing to make the nail firmer. It is not wise to use the polishing file often.

Take good care of the skin around the nails

  1. Be careful with loose skins, red edges around the nails and broken spots. Never pull on loose sheets, but cut them carefully and treat the nail edges with a good cream. Loose sheets usually indicate dry skin. This may be due to winter cold or poor working conditions, such as frequent washing with soap and water.

Cuticle infections often also damage the nail

  1. A cut on the cuticle can quickly become an inflammation and that is not without danger. Always treat an incipient inflammation with a pleasantly warm nail bath of 15 minutes with soda or bath towel in it. If the inflammation does not go away, take it to the doctor for treatment.

Power is not always the problem

  1. Anyone who eats a varied and healthy diet, consumes enough fresh fruit and vegetables, doesn't really have to worry about ribbed nails. In that case, they are usually not an expression of ill health. Take good care of the nails, trim them regularly so that they can tear as little as possible and also take good care of the cuticles.

Take a good hand cream

  1. Take a good hand cream, with which you rub your hands and nails every evening. If the ridges are very annoying, take a nail cream or nail oil to take care of the nails separately. Spread the cream or oil well. Just spreading it over the hands and / or nails is not enough. take a moment to soak the stuff in properly.

Is there a combination of problems, then also see the doctor

  1. Real nail problems are often related to skin problems and skin diseases as well as hair problems such as excessive hair loss. If you notice a combination, go to your doctor and always have it examined.

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