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Seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruit: a handy overview!

  1. You often hear it: it is better to eat seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruits. Yet many people do not pay any attention to when their vegetables are harvested. That is not strange - after all, everything is just as easy in the supermarket. Moreover, we often have no idea what is actually in season.

  1. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take the seasons into account from time to time. Seasonal vegetables and fruit have quite a few advantages. We are happy to explain why you should pay attention, and give you a handy overview of the most important products per season!

Why seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruit?

  1. Why bother to keep an eye on the season? Don't you find everything just as easy in the supermarket around the corner at any time of the year? There are at least three good reasons to choose seasonal vegetables:

  1. Of course you know that varied food is good for you. Still, most of the time, many people switch between at most ten types of fruit and vegetables. That could be better! By eating what is naturally available every season, you are automatically stimulated to try out more different products. That means more different nutrients, and therefore a healthier diet.

  1. Seasonal vegetables and fruit are usually brought from the Netherlands. This means that less transport costs were involved. Moreover, often fewer greenhouses need to be heated for cultivation. The result: seasonal vegetables are a lot cheaper. Just pay attention to the offers from your supermarket: you will see that the seasons are neatly followed there.

  1. Finally, a more general benefit: seasonal vegetables and fruits are really better for the environment. After all, all that transport also leaves its mark on our climate. Besides eating less meat, this is one of the best ways to reduce your ecological footprint.

What are seasonal vegetables and fruits?

  1. Enough reason to pay attention, so - but how do you know which products are in season? With the overview below you can always check that very quickly!

  1. Vegetables that you can buy relatively sustainably all year round are: most types of cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, celery, iceberg lettuce, leek, radish, beet, tomato, onion, carrot or carrot, chicory.

  1. For fruit this applies to: apples, bananas and pears and most citrus fruits.

  2. With fruit, this applies to: apples, bananas and pears and most citrus fruits.

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