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Send healing energy with Quantum Touch

  1. There are all kinds of techniques and skills with which you can positively influence a body. With Quantum Touch you can send energy on an energetic level. With this technique you activate the self-healing capacity of the person you are treating, which promotes the healing process. How Does Quantum Touch Work?

Richard Gordon

  1. The founder of Quantum Touch is Richard Gorden. The idea behind Quantum Touch, sometimes also called Quantum Healing, is that everyone has the gift to work as a healer. With the help of the Quantum Touch, the self-healing, the self-healing ability of the body is activated.

The self-healing power?

  1. According to the idea behind Quantum Touch, every body has the knowledge of the ideal state. Normally it is. When you catch the flu, the body will take action to eliminate the responsible virus. If you fall a hole in your knee, your body takes care of the processes to close the wound and grow new skin. If you suffer from headaches or other aches and pains, your body will try to deal with the problem, so that you get back in optimal condition. In some cases, however, the amount of energy you need to restore balance is insufficient. A way to supply energy must be sought. One way to do this is to use Quantum Touch.

Supply energy?

  1. The person performing the treatment sends energy to the person with the condition. This can be done by hand contact, but it can also be done remotely. It is a treatment method that is absolutely not burdensome for the practitioner and the treated. Safe, quiet and relaxing.

Who heals who?

  1. When the self-healing capacity of the own body is activated, it is the own body that takes steps towards recovery. When the Quantum Touch also speaks of a healer, we mean the person who is being treated, or: the client. We call the person providing the treatment the practitioner.

What do you use Quantum Touch for?

  1. First of all: Quantum Touch, also referred to as QT for short, is not a substitute for normal medical care. If you feel insecure about your complaints, if you have serious complaints, or if lighter complaints do not get less after a Quantum Touch treatment, it is always wise to contact your doctor. There is no reason to believe that regular medical care and Quantum Touch treatment would work against each other. After all, with QT it is the own self-healing capacity that is activated and that is exactly what the doctor tries to do with any medication. QT can be used for many things, for example:

Starting points

  1. Within the QT some basic principles are important:


  1. The living tissue of your body knows the most optimal state of the body. It knows how a disturbance can be resolved and brings added energy where it is needed. By increasing the vibration level, which is brought about by the QT treatment, the self-healing capacity of the body is activated and strengthened. This may mean that a certain pain spot appears to be moving during the treatment. Communication between healer and practitioner is therefore very important. If the therapist knows where the pain has moved to, he can "follow" the pain, so that the complaints can be treated more effectively.

Safe and relaxed

  1. A QT treatment is characterized by rest. The client sits or stands, while the therapist puts his hands on and directs the energy. The energy is intensified through a combination of intention power, awareness techniques and breathing techniques. The client is responsible for his own process, communication about what he feels or experiences is very important. By relaxing as much as possible, the client allows the supplied energy optimally. Knowing that you can say everything you feel and experience, that the practitioner takes everything you contribute seriously, that ensures a safe feeling.

Not working?

  1. If QT works for you, you have a powerful tool. Those who have followed a QT course have learned in which way you can also treat yourself. QT can be an excellent tool for dealing with complaints and problems. If you nevertheless continue to have complaints, it is always wise to contact your doctor.

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