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Slim bread sense or nonsense?

  1. Do you eat slim with slim bread! It sounds like a miracle loaf of weight loss. According to the manufacturers of slim bread, slim bread reduces fat formation, speeds up fat breakdown, gives you energy, reduces appetite and the need for food. But what's the difference when you compare it to whole grain or white bread? Does slim bread contain nutrients other than wholemeal or white bread, are the ingredients different, and what about the manufacturer's recommendations?

The effect of Slankbrood

  1. The following operation is described on the Slankbrood website. “We know that bread is made from flour. But what most of us don't know is that the traditional flours used for baking bread are about 60% 'fast energy'. This 'fast energy' is converted into glucose through digestion and metabolism and absorbed into the blood. As soon as the body has processed the excess fast energy, the stomach starts to grunt again and people get the need for food again. ”With slim bread, this rapid energy absorption is not involved, because of the so-called primal grain" Teff ". Teff ensures a slower absorption of this energy. Read more about how Teff and Slankbrood work.

Comparison of nutritional values ​​of Slimbread, Wholemeal Bread and White Bread

  1. The tables below show nutritional values ​​of 1 slice of white, wholemeal and slim bread. Energy, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers and water were considered. In addition, various vitamins and minerals have been described.

1 slice of white bread (35 g) contains:

  1. ]

1 slice of wholemeal bread (35 g) contains:

  1. ]

1 slice of Slim Bread (35 g) contains:

  1. ]


  1. Below is an overview of the ingredients used for Slim Bread, Whole Wheat Bread and White Bread.

What does Slankbrood provide?

  1. According to the manufacturers of slim bread, slim bread reduces fat formation, accelerates fat breakdown, provides energy, reduces appetite and cravings. The effect of the Teff and the other types of grains will certainly provide the necessary saturation. As a result, people will have less need for food and appetite. The question is whether this satiety is more than when eating a whole grain sandwich. According to the makers of Slankbrood, the reduction of fat formation and acceleration of fat breakdown is due to the so-called water-soluble fiber, the o-fibers that are in the primal grain Teff. In "normal" wholemeal bread, a large part of these o-fibers are lost during baking. These o-fibers are said to ensure that the energy is released more slowly and therefore gives a feeling of satiety for longer. As a result, the user of Slankbrood eats less and the fat formation is reduced and the fat breakdown accelerates. Whether the fat breakdown is accelerated more by the o-fibers than the fibers in wholemeal bread is again the question. These o-fibers in Slankbrood may have a beneficial effect for people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Because Slankbrood mainly consists of water-soluble fiber, the intestines of these IBS patients are less stimulated and there is less irritation (and therefore less pain complaints) in the intestines.

Glycemic index

  1. The glycemic index (GI) says something about the speed at which carbohydrates are digested in the intestine and absorbed into the blood as glucose. Products with a low GI therefore need a longer time to be digested by the intestine and absorbed by the blood. These products have a longer satiating effect and thus people get hungry less quickly. Slim bread claims to have a low GI. With food with a high GI, the GI is around 70 or higher. A low GI is a GI of less than 55. Products with a high GI are, for example, baked potatoes, white and brown bread, cornflakes and popcorn. Products with a low GI are, for example, pasta, legumes and fruit. Whole grain bread has a GI of around 40. This means that wholemeal bread is slowly absorbed by the body and you remain satisfied for a long time. The GI of Slankbrood is unknown. But considering the ingredients, wheat, oats, rye, quinoa and spelled are all relatively low in GI. It is expected that this will also be the case with Slankbrood.


  1. The claims and comments on the Slankbrood site make it seem that Slankbrood is more nutritious and healthier than the wholemeal bread from the bakery or the supermarket. When comparing the nutritional values, it appeared that the claims made by Slankbrood can also be applied to wholemeal or white bread. Whole grain bread is known to have better nutritional values ​​and has a more satisfying effect than white bread, which is why the Nutrition Center recommends wholemeal bread over white bread. No further information can be found on the Slankbrood website about the (positive) effect of the primal grain teff and the o-fibers. The story of Slankbrood has not been properly scientifically substantiated for a number of claims (does it accelerate fat breakdown? Does it reduce fat formation?). Looking at the glycemic index, the claim that Slankbread is saturated for longer and therefore suppresses the need to eat for a longer period of time may be valid. However, the question of whether and what the difference is between Slimbread and wholemeal bread remains unclear.

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