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Smoothie therapy for women

  1. Women have health issues and organs that deserve specific treatment. It is not said that the smoothie recipes below cannot be drunk by men, but they have been specially formulated to cure or prevent women's diseases. Smoothie therapy assumes that each nutrient has an effect on a specific part in the body. Each vegetable or fruit has specific properties that are good for certain body functions and organs. When you capitalize on that by emphasizing the fruits and vegetables that suit you, you can enjoy health benefits.


  1. Osteoporosis Do not use sugar Two smoothies for osteoporosis Smoothie for pregnant women Two smoothies against orange peel skin Smoothie for anxiety Smoothie to strengthen the nails Smoothie that supports menstruation Smoothie against mood swings


  1. Osteoporosis is a disease that can occur in women. It is said that every woman who has gone through menopause is more likely to have this disease, but that is not true. Women who follow a biodynamic diet and who eat little white flour products and sugar are less likely to develop osteoporosis. For those who want to keep eating Western food, it doesn't hurt to support their diet with a specially designed smoothie. For good medicinal use, it should be drunk daily. The recipes for osteoporosis below are mainly aimed at getting more calcium and other minerals.

Do not use sugar

  1. Amaranth, very healthy! / Source: Karelj, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Two smoothies against osteoporosis

  1. Half a cup of soy milk Half a cup of yogurt A peach A teaspoon of amaranth or sesame seeds Optional: a teaspoon of biodynamic honey.

Osteoporosis smoothie with tonsils

  1. Half a cup of rice milk, oatmeal milk, goat's milk or soy milk Half cup of yogurt 6 almonds Teaspoon of sesame seeds 50 grams of spinach or kale Two teaspoons of oatmeal or oats

Smoothie for pregnant women

  1. An apple A pear 5 lettuce leaves

Two orange peel smoothies

  1. Two thick slices of fresh pineapple. A cucumber

Orange peel smoothie with orange

  1. Orange / Source: Dvortygirl, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Smoothie for fear

  1. A fifth green cabbage Five flowers of broccoli A cup of spinach A teaspoon of spirulina

Smoothie to strengthen nails

  1. 4 roots A medium sized cucumber Three cabbage leaves A quarter of hot pepper

Smoothie that supports menstruation

  1. 2 kiwis 2 guavas 1 pear

Smoothie against mood swings

  1. Teaspoon of cardamom Teaspoon of ginger 4 scoops of black pepper 4 dried clove flowers (the well-known cloves are actually dried flowers from the clove tree) Cinnamon stick of 5 centimeters 600 cl of water Milk from almonds to taste Honey to taste

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