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Stomach problems: what foods to eat for stomach pain? Tips

  1. Stomach complaints are very often related to stress. Stress causes tension to hit the abdomen, which also puts pressure on the stomach. Stomach complaints that persist can lead to the phenomenon of a "weak stomach", where you can suffer from a sensitive digestion in the long term. In that case, the slightest moment of stress can lead to stomach pain or heartburn. With stomach problems, you need to make sure you are taking in enough energy to avoid fatigue and weakness. An easily digestible pasta is better suited for digestion than fiber-rich bread. Food that stimulates the stomach is not recommended, for example citrus fruits, legumes and onions. What is the best thing to eat for stomach pain, and which diet with easily digestible food is recommended?

Stomach problems and nutrition

  1. Having an upset stomach can be physically and mentally very annoying. If you have stomach problems, your appetite will naturally decrease. You will eat less and absorb less energy, and therefore you will soon feel weaker. The weaker you feel, the more your mind will suffer. It is in the stomach that you take in calories that give your body energy. If this function is hindered and, for example, stomach pain

Upset stomach and stress

  1. Stress is one of the most common triggers of stomach problems. Stomach problems are often the result of long-lasting tension, pressure and stress. The problem is that with chronic stress you will develop a tension on the abdomen so that you will breathe more from your chest. This in turn makes breathing more difficult, causing even more stress. Long-term stress that is not channeled or channeled in a poor way can lead to stomach pain, stomach inflammation and stomach ulcers. Ultimately, this can lead to persistent "bad" or "weak stomach"

What to eat for a stomach ache?

  1. In case of severe stomach problems, you will have to submit to a strict diet, together with appropriate stomach medicines, such as Zantac. Zantac

Easily digestible food

  1. No fibers If the stomach feels heavy and tense, it is important to spare it as much as possible so that it can recover gradually. White bread

Pasta and rice

  1. Pasta is easy to digest and at the same time gives a lot of energy. Pasta has a lot of carbohydrates that can be absorbed quickly by the stomach, much faster than potatoes, for example. Pasta is a good means of not overloading the stomach and at the same time absorbing enough energy. This makes you feel less weak and tired. The same properties apply to rice

Dairy products

  1. Yogurt is a soft product that is light on the stomach and can give you energy. Moreover, a fruit yogurt also has a nice taste, which is good for your morale, especially if your stomach prevents you from eating a lot of sweets. Some people with stomach pain also benefit from drinking a glass of milk regularly. But for others, milk can make the stomach feel heavy.

Small portions

  1. If you have an upset stomach, eat light portions so that you don't give your stomach too much work in one go. Let your stomach take time to recover from the stomach problem. An additional helpful tip is the following: if you feel your stomach is getting better, take an extra day or two to eat easily digestible foods

What not to eat if you have stomach problems?

  1. Stinging Food

Remedies for stomach complaints

  1. Stomach complaints can be avoided by adhering to an adjusted diet, but also by supporting your stomach with supplements or medicines. Many effective remedies for stomach problems are available online without a prescription. Most of these remedies reduce stomach acid

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