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Sweeteners instead of sugar in your coffee: Smart or not?

  1. Most people are aware by now that it is not a healthy idea to eat sugar. Yet it turns out to be difficult to actually stop eating or drinking very sweet things! The food industry has found a solution for this. Sweeteners, small amounts of artificial sweeteners that are as sweet as sugar.

  1. But without all those nasty calories, so that you can drink your cup of coffee with a good feeling. In short, an ideal alternative? Unfortunately that is a bit disappointing, because sweets also have their disadvantages. We'll cover it all in this blog.

Why not sugar?

  1. Let's start at the beginning. Why exactly should you not put sugar in your coffee or tea? That is actually very simple. Sugar has many disadvantages for your health, while it has no positive influence to offer.

  1. It makes your blood sugar level shoot up, which can make you binge-eat. In addition, a structurally high sugar intake increases the risk of all kinds of inflammation, diabetes and other nasty conditions.

  1. In addition, sugar is highly addictive. It is extremely difficult to stop eating once you start. The result: you quickly eat way too much, without getting important vitamins, minerals and fiber.

What are sweets?

  1. Sweeteners, which are made from artificial sweeteners, seem at first sight to be a great solution. This concerns substances such as aspartame, cyclamate and saccharin. These are made in laboratories and are up to 200 times as sweet as regular sugar.

  1. This ensures that you only have to use very little of it for the same effect, so that you also consume much less calories. These types of substances are used for most diet products. Think of soft drinks and other sugar-free varieties of foods. And therefore also for the sweets you throw in your coffee.

Bad for health

  1. But no matter how ideal it may sound sweet, it does have a number of eyes and hooks. For example, in addition to aspartame, the most commonly used sweetener in the Netherlands, a number of studies have been conducted that suggest that the substance has a number of very unpleasant drawbacks. Aspartame may cause fatigue and cause you to have less energy. This can even lead to depression with high intake.

  1. In addition, people get headaches, often in the form of migraine attacks. Some studies even make a link with the development of tumors. Exactly how much of that is true has yet to be proven, but it does indicate that you better be careful with aspartame!

Bad for weight loss

  1. In addition, it appears that the main function of aspartame â € “facilitating weight loss â €“ is sometimes counteracted by the use of the substance. People eventually gain more weight. What's up with that? Aspartame tastes like sugar, which gives your body a signal to absorb blood sugars.

  1. Your blood sugar drops. Subsequently, however, no sugars enter, so your body tries to keep your blood sugar level with a signal that you have to eat something sweet. The result is that you only get more appetite for unhealthy food. That way you may even gain extra in the long term.

Then what?

  1. If you can put one no sugar, one no aspartame in your coffee â € “what else is there? The best option, of course, is not to include anything in your coffee. Now that may still seem awful to you, but that is probably mainly because you are still too focused on sweets because of all those sweeteners.

  1. Once you've gotten used to the bitter taste for a while, you'll probably like it just as much. Another option is to add some honey to your coffee. That way you are a lot healthier. Or choose tea, which has a less bitter taste.

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