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The Beauty Products from The Body Shop

  1. In the philosophy of The Body Shop, looking good and feeling good together. The beauty products are all natural and not tested on animals. Fair products that have been created in a dignified manner. Every year around the holidays, The Body Shop releases its Christmas collection that is linked to a good cause. In addition to beauty products, The Body Shop conducts campaigns and actions that focus on human rights and the environment. Since the sale of the company to the L�Or�al concern, sales have fallen sharply and The Body Shop is no longer a leader in beauty care.

The History of The Body Shop

  1. In 1976 The Body Shop is founded in Brighton England by Anita Roddick. She starts making her own beauty products and over time has ten stores in England alone. The first store opens in the Netherlands in 1982. The stores of the chain are now spread worldwide. Almost every larger place has a Body Shop, check the site for this.

The Body Shop philosophy

  1. The Body Shop takes a holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing, that is, holism adheres to the belief that everything is interconnected. Beauty and well-being are also inextricably linked. One cannot exist without the other. The company takes into account that the production of raw materials and also the distribution of products go hand in hand with respect for people and the environment. The products are not tested on animals and all beauty products are on a natural basis. Several stores have switched to green electricity, recycled material is also used in packaging and the company is investing in sustainable energy. More than sixty-five percent of the products contain a Fair Trade ingredient (a fair price for work under decent conditions).

The product lines

  1. Absinthe Activist ™ All-In-One Almond

The beauty products

  1. Facial care: cleansers, creams, serums and eye creams bath and body: soaps, shower gels, body scrubs, body butters, body lotions and hand cream hair: shampoos, conditioners and styling products scents: for him and her and for your home make-up: foundations, powders, mineral make-up, blushers, bronzers, mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows

Love your body club

  1. The products are not cheap, but there are regularly nice offers. Members of the Love your body club can take advantage of benefits while donating to charities at the same time.


  1. Every year around the holidays, The Body Shop releases its Christmas collection with special products and new winter scents. For 2019 these are Juicy Pear, Warm Vanilla and Rich Plum. The products are nicely packaged, ideal to give as a present at Sinterklaas and Christmas.


  1. The Body Shop has a gift set in the Benelux aimed at Muslim women during Ramadan. In Muslim countries it is customary to give gifts during Ramadan. Initially, the gift sets were only sold in England, but it was such a success that the gift sets are also available in a number of stores in the Benelux. The packaging of the sets is reminiscent of Arabic calligraphy.

Campaigns and actions

  1. A selection of the many campaigns and actions:

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