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The beneficial properties of detoxifying baths

  1. Detoxifying baths are beneficial for the whole body: they are a simple means to combat all kinds of ailments, to lose weight without diet, to keep in shape and strengthen the muscles. Detoxifying bathing by cooling the genitals with water stimulates the body to eliminate excess stored surplus. This self-care method is used in at least 32 countries and ensures both physical and mental health.

History of detoxifying baths

  1. Detoxifying baths were extensively explored in the 19th century by the forerunners of natural medicine. The well-known priest Sebastian Kneipp experimented with, among other things, water treatments, as did the naturopathic physician Louis Kuhne who was known for his cold water hydrotherapy to promote the detoxification of the body.

Ancient insight

  1. In the past, people knew, just like the animals, how to take care of oneself by soaking the genitals with cold water. Animals still instinctively know what to do to groom themselves. An animal regularly refreshes its genitals. Licking their genitals keeps them healthy and vital. However, man has become more and more 'civilized', so that these ancient insights have been lost little by little.

The effect of detoxifying baths

  1. Refreshing the genitals affects the entire body, from head to toe. The intestines in the lower abdomen are cooled, so that the waste products (substances, matter, molecules that we have too much in our body) are diverted to the intestines before they are removed. Little by little, the useless surplus returns to the intestines and is removed with the bowel movement. The colon is stimulated to work better and to eliminate the surpluses.


  1. Detoxifying baths are not about medicine, nor healing, but about the natural and gentle nature of the bath and its comfort. Both science and medicine still need to observe and study the phenomenon in order to give the method a fair place. The writer France Guillain limits herself in her book "Detoxifying baths" only to what she has been able to see and observe for 22 years. She explicitly asks in her book to discuss all the results of the detoxifying bath with the family doctor so that it is more likely that he will write a thesis on the subject. The accumulation of testimonials will most likely weigh enough in the future to speed up the development of the study of the detoxifying baths and to take this method seriously.

Healing effect of a detoxifying bath

  1. Detoxifying bathing has a healing effect on:


  1. With the detoxifying baths, nature provides us with an easy and effective means to remove the surplus (fats and proteins). These accumulate and disrupt the proper functioning of the intestines. In addition, a detoxifying bath has a calming and de-stressing effect. Less stress means less heating of the stomach. The heat induced by stress drives the excess away from the abdomen to the ends of the body where they "stick". With the detoxifying baths, the excess returns to the intestines where they will be excreted.

Instructions for a detoxifying bath

  1. Ladies The easiest way is to use a bidet, where you then sit on the edge in such a way that the buttocks remain dry (do not submerge the genitals in water and do not use a shower head, this will make the skin insensitive and stop the heat-cold reaction) . Laying a plank across the bath and sitting over a full bucket of water is also an option. Use a cotton washcloth and run it over and over - as wet as possible - over the outer labia - down the pubic mound while gently pushing the washcloth. Never take a detoxifying bath during menstruation.


  1. A washbasin at a good height to take a detoxifying bath standing up is the easiest. The penis can then be held above the water-filled basin. Do not use running water from the tap or shower head on the penis, but use a cotton washcloth as wet as possible to apply the water over and over again on the penis and rub it gently from the base to the tip of the penis (do not immerse the genitals in water or do not use a shower head as this makes the skin insensitive and stops the heat-cold reaction).


  1. Finally, a quote from the writer France Guillain (p. 155): "Of course, the fact that one spends a little time on oneself can only do good, but know that the results are will be, even if you do it reluctantly and without much conviction. After 22 years of experience I can say that I still have quite a hard time getting myself to do it when I really need it now and then, even though I know I have all the amazing benefits of detoxifying baths. But the effects are so rapid and so visible that the 'courage' returns after just a few sessions. "

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