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The best ice rinks where you can skate in

  1. Do you long for a good frost, because you love to tie the irons underneath? Don't worry, even in mild winters you can enjoy ice skating. But then indoors, for example on one of these fun ice rinks.

1. Thialf, Heerenveen

  1. What Wimbledon is to tennis, Thialf is to ice skating. Thialf is the most important ice stadium for top athletes in the Netherlands, but recreationists can also practice in Heerenveen for the Elfstedentocht. Imagine yourself as a real world champion on the fastest lowland track in the Netherlands and experience how fast you skate your laps! You can make your laps on a 400 meter track and a 333 meter track. You teach your children the tricks of the trade on the â € scribble trackâ € ™; a 30x30 meter ice rink especially for the little ones.

2. IceFun Sportiom, Den Bosch

  1. At IceFun you imagine yourself at the North Pole. You don't just skate on this theme ice rink. You go up and down a mountain and swing through caves. It even starts snowing now and then! So this is a perfect place for a children's party or family day. You can also combine a visit to the ice rink with a dip in the subtropical swimming paradise of Sportiom.

3. Ice skating rink Rotterdam

  1. Skating under the rainbow? This is possible every weekend in Rotterdam. You can enjoy a real light show at certain times on the 400 meter track. If the weather allows it, the sides of the tunnel cover will open. So you still have the feeling that you are outside. If you really want to make a good pace, go to this ice rink during the norwegian hour. Norwegians are not allowed on the fun rink, so you can scribble around on your figure or ice hockey skates.

4. De Scheg, Deventer

  1. In Deventer you will find a 400 meter track with a unique winter playground for children in the middle: complete with slides, a climbing track, cable car, excavators, swings, a carousel and an ice square where they can safely sledding or skating behind a rack. In winter you do not have to pay separately for this playground, the entrance is included in your ticket for the ice rink. An ideal combination of skating and playing.

5. Flevonice, Biddinghuizen

  1. In the nature of Flevoland you may not skate indoors, but you can always skate outside in winter on a unique track of no less than 3 kilometers. This is the longest artificial ice rink in the world! During the day you can see kilometers of meadows and forests from the ice rink. If you are lucky you sometimes even see deer walking in the edge of the forest. In the evening you can skate under millions of stars in clear weather. The park has a central pond around which the skating rinks are built. During your tour you will come across two resting points where you can enjoy the green surroundings while enjoying a snack and drink.

6. Ireen Wüstbaan, Tilburg

  1. The Ireen Wüst Ice Rink is a household name in Tilburg and the surrounding area. Recreational and sporty skaters can indulge themselves on a 400 meter track with excellent ice and lots of light. In addition, there is a 30x60 meter track where young and old can enjoy skating. Skate racks and bones are available for the little ones. Both beginners and advanced skaters can take skating lessons here.

7. Sports boulevard, Dordrecht Are you a speed demon and are you secretly annoyed by all those slow recreationists? Then go to the speed track at the Sportboulevard in Dordrecht. Every Monday and Thursday evening (the so-called 'buffalo evenings') the speed track is specially opened for skaters with skaters. The ideal time to work on your fitness and challenge yourself! Are you more of a dancer than a skater, then you can indulge yourself at disco skating evenings. Also read Tips for safe skating on natural ice Don't miss anything?

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