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The Best Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

  1. The time has finally come: you are pregnant! Obviously you'll want to run straight to the phone and tell everyone the good news, but how much more fun would it be if you could surprise your loved ones like the little one in your tummy surprised you? Below are some fun ways to announce pregnancy.

A nice cake

  1. A cake is of course always good when you have something to celebrate (and sometimes also when you have nothing to celebrate!), But it is even more fun when you have the photo of the ultrasound printed on it . See how long it takes them to understand what it means and then enjoy a delicious piece of cake alone.

A booklet

  1. For the future grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts or uncles you can buy a reading booklet, with written in it that they can already practice reading aloud with this booklet. They have until the month of your due date!

Eating out

  1. If you really want to unpack, you can reserve a table for you and the people you want to surprise at a nice restaurant. Buy a number of bottles in advance and bring them to the restaurant. This way you will be served the drinks in a bottle during the first round! It's original and they probably won't immediately realize why they get their drink in such a special way.

One ticket

  1. A nice way to let you know is to take a nice photo and turn it into a card via the internet. For the photo you can think of you and your partner standing next to each other, with 'burgers' (or other tasty food) written on your partner's belly and 'baby' written on your own belly. Or your belly with a progress bar and "baby is loading: 40%". You can also hang an item of clothing belonging to you and your partner on the clothesline with a bodysuit next to it. Be creative!

A group photo

  1. Suggest taking a picture with the whole family. The moment everyone is ready and the photographer is counting down, you shout "I'm pregnant!". That way you informed everyone and you can laugh forever at the face they were making at that moment.

Rusk without mice

  1. If you stop by for a cup of coffee, it is a nice idea to bring a tin of rusk. If you are then asked why you brought biscuits, you can tell that you do not yet know which color mice to put on it! You can also take both colors with you and indicate that you were not sure which color to use.

A can of Coke

  1. Invite the family to lunch / dinner / barbecue. Provide everyone with drinks and lastly grab two cans of coke with 'papa' and 'mama' on them. And now wait and see who will see it first!

A grain of rice

  1. Get a box from the jeweler and put a grain of rice in it. When the expectant grandpa and grandma open the box, tell them, "This is the size of your grandchild right now." You can also put this on a note with the grain of rice.

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