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The danger of soy is infertility and vit. D deficiency

  1. Many people eat a soy product every day in the form of a meat substitute, soy milk, soy desserts, soy ice cream and tofu. That is one-sided and therefore not really healthy. In the past, soy was hardly eaten; there was enough food available that is a lot healthier than soy. Now we have been made to believe that a vegetarian burger with soy in it is a full-fledged meat substitute. That is nonsense! Much better meat substitutes are: legumes other than soy, cheese, eggs, nuts and sea vegetables. Today, we already feed babies with soy-based nutrition. Is that healthy?


  1. Asians eat little soy Toxins in soy Soy increases uric acid Soy, not very nutritious Soy and breast cancer Reduced fertility Vitamin D deficiency Eat nuts, seeds and legumes

Asians eat little soy

  1. Many people think that people in Asia eat a lot of soy. That is not true; soy sauce contains only a small amount of soy. Nowadays we drink large quantities of soy milk, fry in soy oil, eat soy chunks, we take vegetarian burgers based on soy, there is soy flour in all kinds of products, there is even soy ice cream and soy desserts. There is a great danger in eating too much soy. Many people have been led to believe that soy is a good vegetarian meat substitute. That is also nonsense. The vegetarian diet is fine without soy.

Toxins in soy

  1. Soy contains many substances that are in fact toxins. These substances disappear through sprouting or fermentation. You can eat soy in the form of tofu and tempeh. Tempeh is fermented, de-sprouted soy, which, together with miso, also fermented soy, is the most healthy. In this article, soy products refer to all soy products except tempeh and miso. On the health ladder, these soy products are followed by bean curd, also known as tofu. Tofu has some healthy aspects. In any case, it is a product made from the whole soybean. You cannot say that about soy milk, soy chunks and soy oil. These three modern foods are all made from part of the soybean. In fact, this is highly processed food. It has undergone many operations so that its health value is minimal. In addition, there are many bad sides to processed soy.

Soy increases uric acid

  1. Taking soy milk, soy desserts, soy ice cream, soy burgers daily in combination with soy oil is not wise! Soy produces extra uric acid, which can lead to gout, for example. Eating tofu in combination with other vegetables is not very unhealthy, but soy products such as milk are. In addition, many soy products are made from genetically modified soy. Yes, GM Soy Miso, in this case Tekka Miso, is a healthy form of soy. / Source: Nissy-KITAQ, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Soy, not very nutritious

  1. Soy contains iron, but it is not absorbed by the body unless it is accompanied by intake of vitamins C and A. Now it is the case that these vitamins are hardly present in the soybean. That's why you should always mix soy with other vegetables.

Soy and breast cancer

  1. A meta-study conducted in 2009 showed that eating soy is associated with risks. The researchers recommended that women with health problems and women with a history of breast cancer should no longer eat soy or limit their use. A 2012 study attempted to prove that soy was beneficial for breast cancer but found no evidence; it even saw that soy-consuming women in the pre-menopause may have a higher risk of breast cancer. The problem with these studies is that normally eating soy is accompanied by eating a lot of vegetables. The vegetables can help to fight cancer, but the effect is attributed to soy. It would be much better to research the drinking of soy milk. Soy milk is made from part of the soybean. In general, Chinese women show a slightly lower risk of breast cancer if they eat soy, while Western women have an increased risk of breast cancer. This could also be due to other factors such as the use of cooking oil. Some cooking oil is very unhealthy, but coconut oil is very healthy again because this type of oil fights cancer.

Impaired fertility

  1. The scientific findings on breast cancer leave much room for doubt, but one thing is clear: soy leads to a lower sperm count in men and reduced fertility in women. Phytoestrogens seem to be responsible for this. These are bio-identical hormones that influence our own endocrine system. It could even be that men's behavior changes if they eat too much phytoestrogens. But according to a Swiss study, too little research has been done to draw firm conclusions. However, an Amsterdam study from 2012 saw that female rats became infertile if they followed a diet that contained a lot of soy. J. Seppen, the research leader concluded that we should be careful when eating a lot of soy products. Another 2010 Swiss study found that male rats produced 25% less sperm when put on a high-soy diet. A New York study says the phytoestrogens genistein and daidzein play important roles in regulating the uterus. This is a sensitive organ and taking too many soy products can keep you from getting pregnant; the hormone balance is completely confused by an abundance of hormones and no more child can be born.

Vitamin D deficiency

  1. Anyone who eats too many soy products has a high risk of a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is important for bone formation and brain function. Isoflavones in soy bind to substances such as calcium that are responsible for bone production, making the bones weaker. In Taiwan there is a known case of a child who was fed almost exclusively soy milk and rice; the child had deformed legs. Adults also have the possibility of a vitamin D deficiency due to soy. This is not so much expressed in deformed bones; they are already fully grown. Too little vitamin D can make you tired and depressed.

Eat nuts, seeds and legumes

  1. The vitamin D deficiency is sometimes the reason that vegetarians look a bit white. Again said that this is no reason to eat meat; nuts, seeds, eggs, cheese, and legumes are excellent and super healthy substitutes for soy. For vegans there is plenty of choice from the wide range of nuts, seeds, grains and grain substitutes and legumes. It contains all the necessary substances.

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