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The Forget-Your-Diet Weight Management Plan

  1. Diets don't work. Diets provide a yo-yo effect. Counting calories can reduce your body weight for a short time, but the lost weight is added quickly. That's because the diet remains the same; only temporary does a change take place. There is a diet where you do not have to count calories. You don't have to take weight loss pills. All you have to do is be aware of how your body works and act accordingly. Overweight is often made worse by diet. How come? It has to do, among other things, that the substances that cause obesity are unnatural. The body sees false food as poison.


  1. Processed food Whole foods Synthetics Microwave products Light drinks Cooking oil Margarine Processed meat

Processed food

  1. There is processed food in the supermarket. That is food with a colored packaging around it. Marketing techniques have put much of humanity into a permanent state of illusion that these products are good for the body. It is often stated that they are "healthy" or that they are "low in calories." A well-known term is 'light'; people think that light products make you lose weight. However, that is a big misconception. Light makes you fat. Why? Because the synthetics used to replace sugar are seen as toxins by the body. These toxins are then rendered harmless by encapsulating them in fat. This increases body weight!

Whole foods

  1. Our bodies are only used to whole food. Whole foods are real foods. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sometimes some dairy products; that is what the body is used to eating. All kinds of muesli bars, wheat biscuits and sports drinks see the body as a poison while they are advertised as 'healthy'. It contains artificial substances and synthesized foods such as high fructose corn syrup. Because the body wants to protect itself, these toxins do not enter the blood or as short as possible. The toxins must also stay far away from the organs. Therefore they should not be digested; then they would damage all digestive organs. So what does the body do? The synthetics in question are isolated from important body parts encapsulated in fat cells. The formation of fat cells, which many dislike, is in fact a survival strategy for the body to avoid the toxins we ingest.


  1. Most E numbers are synthetic and completely worthless when it comes to nutrients. These synthetics are not processed in the body; the body cannot do anything with it. That is why it is not wise to eat these types of products. Foodstuffs with E numbers are widely available in supermarkets. Unfortunately, there are also products with E numbers in many organic stores. In general, it is better for your health to eat fresh products.

Microwave products

  1. Microwave foods are not good for a weight loss diet. In a microwave oven, the molecules change direction dozens of times per second. The molecule itself still looks like a solid, but all light energy has been lost. Therefore the body no longer recognizes this as food; they have become a kind of toxins. The blood changes microwaved foods. Our blood houses the life energy. The frequency of food's natural energy levels is artificially greatly increased by the microwave, often making the microwave food eater completely hyper and fidgety. The body can no longer do anything with this energetically modified food and is only working to repair the damage. This is at the expense of the digestive process. The liver is overloaded and the intestines are only able to absorb easy sugars. That leads to overweight and malnutrition.

Light drinks

  1. Aspartame is actually rat poison with an extremely sweet taste. It took 30 years for aspartame to be consumed by humans. Aspartame has caused tens to hundreds of different complaints in humans. All these complaints have been ignored and it can continue to be sold. The problem with this is that most people think that everything for sale in the store is safe. However, that is a great illusion. Companies are in power in our world (which is why many politicians are supplied by multinationals) and companies specialize in creating false images and ideas about what is healthy and what is not through marketing concepts. There are several reasons why aspartame makes you fat. First, it is a toxin and some of its synthetic components are encapsulated in fat. Second, aspartame makes you feel hungry. Third, the liver has a hard time breaking down aspartame; the liver will work worse, which reduces the quality of the digestion. As a result, sugars are absorbed faster and stored as fat.

Cooking Oil

  1. Cooking oil makes fat, not because fat makes you fat, but because there are many wrong types of fat in supermarket oils such as rapeseed oil, canola oil, peanut oil, lettuce oil, corn oil, sunflower oil and even the olive oil from the supermarket. Frying fat is completely bad. These oils have been stripped of omega 3 fats, minerals and vitamins. That's why you just have to leave it in the store. It is much healthier to fry in coconut oil or butter. Also try briefly roasting vegetables; that also tastes very good.


  1. All kinds of spreads and even fake butters that are advertised as being medicinal against cardiovascular disease are actually very unhealthy. This is trans-fat margarine that will give you cardiovascular disease. With the introduction of the codex alimentarius, Becel, a Unilever brand, is no longer allowed to proclaim that their spreads are good for the heart. The Becel claim that their butter is good for the heart is a scientific falsehood. Becel has a strong marketing machine behind them and has changed their logo into a heart, so that people who have seen the years of advertising campaigns on radio, television and in newspapers and magazines still have the illusion that Becel is good for the heart. The truth is that trans fats not only cause arteriosclerosis because they promote inflammation, but also cause obesity because there are so many unnatural trans fats in them that the body doesn't know what to do with them. Organic oils do not contain trans fat and therefore do not cause obesity.

Processed meat

  1. It is often said that red meat is bad. This is evident from all kinds of studies. Unfortunately, scientists have for years made no distinction between unprocessed meat and processed or processed meat. Meat on which all kinds of processes have been released appears to be much less healthy. In principle, a vegetarian diet is enough for humans, but if you want to eat meat, only buy organic pure meat and no heavily processed sandwich fillings. Remember that meat spoils quickly and all kinds of synthetic substances are added to keep it in plastic packaging. Incidentally, all meat and fish types contain amines or non-nutrients that are considered by the body as toxins. These amines from meat are also made harmless by the body by encapsulating them in fats. That's why meat also causes obesity.

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