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The healing power of apple peel powder

  1. Apples are tasty. You can bite into it. Apple peel powder does not have that benefit. You can use this powder in drinks to give yourself a nutrient supplement. Apple peel powder originated as a by-product from the apple industry. This is a special by-product with medicinal value. Among other things, it appears to be good for the joints, according to exploratory scientific research. It concerned a study among 12 people and that is not enough to draw definitive conclusions. Leaky gut syndrome and other inflammatory diseases of the digestive tracts can be effectively treated with apple peel powder.


  1. Apple peel is healthier than apple Where do the apple peels come from? Apple peel is healthier than apple Freeze drying or air drying Apple powder good for the joints Apple peel powder prevents chronic diseases Apple powder for irritable bowel syndrome Apple powder versus onion powder How do you make apple peel powder yourself? Culinary tips apple peel powder

Apple peel is healthier than apple

  1. The healing power of apple is known from way back. New products keep coming onto the market. Apple peel powder is such a new product. Apple powder contains more nutrients than apple itself. This is because it is a dry concentration of nutrients, but also because it has been scientifically determined that apple peels contain more nutrients from the pulp of apples.

Where do the apple peels come from?

  1. Apple peels are a holdover from the apple industry. Normally, when applesauce is made, a lot of peels have to be discarded. But the peels contain a lot more nutrients than the rest of the apple. That is why it has been decided to offer dried apple peel powder as a supplement. Because it is dried, it is extra strong, about 20 times stronger than the same weight of regular apple peel. So many nutrients together provide a strong medicinal effect.

Apple peel is healthier than apple

  1. Apples were already peeled in the Netherlands in the past. / Source: Gabriël Metsu, Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

Freeze drying or air drying

  1. Apple peel contains many polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanides. There are two ways to make apple peel powder: air dry or freeze dry. The polyphenols dried in warm air of apple peels were found to be more active than those that were freeze-dried. Freeze-drying takes place more often in the industry.

Apple powder good for the joints

  1. The movement of joints such as in the lower back and hip was better after eating a supplement of apple peel powder. This is what researchers conclude after conducting an exploratory study with 12 participants. They believe that the high number of anti-inflammatory polyphenols is responsible for a decrease in inflammation. The researchers observed that improvement occurred every week up to week 8. Thereafter, the improvements remained at the same level until week 12, when the study stopped. Shoulders, neck, every joint could be moved better and there was less pain. As a result of this 2014 study, it is to be expected that a larger-scale study will be set up to draw definitive conclusions.

Apple peel powder prevents chronic diseases

  1. In 2003 they started in the USA already seriously thinking about apple peel powder production. Chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease can be prevented by the antioxidants in apple peel powder, the researchers say. Apple peel powder was seen to provide more nutrients than fresh apple peel. One gram of apple peel powder already had 200 mg of vitamin C, more than twice the RDA, which is said to be the daily requirement. Apple peel powder was seen to have a particular anti-cancer effect against liver tumor cells. According to the researchers, apple peel powder is suitable for inclusion in foods so that they contain more nutrients. You can add it to flour that you use for sweet baking.

Apple powder for irritable bowel syndrome

  1. Apple peel powder counteracts oxidative stress and inflammation in the intestines. With this knowledge, irritable bowel syndrome and leaky bowel syndrome can be treated with apple peel powder, according to the scientists who completed their research in 2013. The apple powder is, among other things, effective against inflammation due to its antioxidants. In addition, it ensures that the mucous membrane of the intestines can perform their function better. This makes the intestines stronger and overcomes inflammation, the scientists think.

Apple powder versus onion powder

  1. American researchers examined apple powder in comparison with onion powder. She saw that the antioxidant value of onions was higher. The researchers then added a mix of apple peel powder and onion powder to the applesauce and noticed that it contained a lot more antioxidants than before. The researchers were mainly concerned with the absorption of quercetin. There was no difference between onion powder and apple powder.

How do you make apple peel powder yourself?

  1. You can make apple peel powder at home by drying apple peels from organic apples on a saucer on the heater. If an oven dish has been made, you can put them in the oven when the oven is off. Then they dry faster. You can cut the peels smaller with clean scissors after drying. Some people dry them in smaller pieces before or during drying. When they are dry you can make them smaller. When they are small you can already use them to make tea. But you can also ground them into a powder in a blender or food processor. It is recommended to wait until you have a little bit of dried peel.

Culinary tips apple peel powder

  1. Apple peel powder may have medicinal qualities, but that does not mean that you have to drink it like a medicine with a glass of water. You can use it in all kinds of drinks, meals and desserts. Try adding some apple peel powder to a fruit salad. Here are more culinary tips:

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