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The healing power of broccoli powder

  1. Broccoli has been high in the top 10 of superfoods for years. Now another product has been added: broccoli powder. This powder has its pros and cons. The advantage is that it contains a concentration of nutrients. A disadvantage is that not all nutrients in broccoli powder are simply absorbed into the human body. Still, broccoli powder can be a very healthy supplement in your daily menu. By the way, you can continue to eat broccoli.


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Powder and Brussels sprouts

  1. The healing power of broccoli is fairly well known among consumers. Compared to its fresh version, broccoli powder contains a high concentration of phytonutrients such as vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and polyphenols. That is one of the reasons for taking it. The main active ingredients in broccoli are sulforaphanes. However, these cannot be produced without the enzyme myrosinase which is not in broccoli powder. However, this enzyme is abundant in broccoli sprouts or broccoli sprouts. That's why scientists recommend taking broccoli powder with broccoli sprouts.

Broccoli Powder and Broccoli Sprouts

  1. Broccoli powder has an anti-cancer effect because it contains sulforaphanes. Now it is just that for the conversion of sulforaphanes from the glucoraphanin in broccoli, an enzyme called myrosinase is needed. Broccoli sprouts contain this enzyme to a large extent. That is why American researchers published a study in 2011 showing that the cancer-fighting effect of broccoli powder is better when eaten together with broccoli sprouts. In 2011 a study was published in China on the bioavailability of broccoli powder and the sulforaphanes in it. In their research, the Chinese made a distinction between glucoraphanin-rich and sulforaphane-rich broccoli powder. It turned out that sulforaphane-rich broccoli powder is much better absorbed by the body than glucoraphanin-rich powder. This has to do with the enzyme that must be used to convert glucoraphanin into glucosinolates such as sulforaphane. Another study in which broccoli powder and broccoli sprouts were mixed with yoghurt and muesli also showed that when broccoli powder is eaten together with broccoli sprouts, the amount of sulforaphanes increases drastically. This cancer-protecting substance is better produced by the synergistic effect between broccoli sprouts and powder.

Broccoli powder against heart disease

  1. In 2014, an Iranian study was published in which the researchers examined diabetics who carry the heliobacter pylori bacteria. This bacteria increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, among other things. Sulforaphane in broccoli is a powerful anti-bacterial. It appears that when broccoli is used in combination with medicines, infections with Heliobacter pylori occur less often. In addition, all parameters used to determine cardiovascular disease are improved by broccoli powder. The walls of the blood vessels are cleaned by broccoli. It has an anti-inflammatory effect so that less plaque is deposited on the blood vessel walls. This also leads to more flexible blood vessels and therefore lower blood pressure.

Broccoli powder against autism?

  1. A study published in 2014 shows that when patients with autism consume broccoli powder, their behavior becomes much more social. They were more likely to communicate verbally after taking a broccoli extract. The researchers point out that this is an exploratory study. No definitive conclusions can be drawn from it yet. However, people with autism can take broccoli extract themselves and see if it works for them. The sulforaphanes in broccoli powder have an anti-inflammatory effect. They also counteract oxidative stress and DNA damage. All these three factors play a role in the development of autism. It is not uncommon for autism to be a reaction to a toxic substance, such as in vaccinations, which it would be nice if we were sure that it can be reversed with superfoods such as broccoli powder.

Tomato powder and broccoli powder

  1. Tomatoes have been known for some time to have a preventive and curative effect on prostate cancer. A French study from 2007 shows that broccoli powder is more effective against prostate cancer in combination with tomato. In their study, tomato powder and broccoli powder were given to rats implanted with a tumor. Some rats were fed only tomato powder, others only broccoli powder, and a third group was fed a combination of these. In the groups that ate only tomato and broccoli powder, the tumor decreased less quickly than in the group of rats that ate a combination of tomato and broccoli powder. Tomato and broccoli enhance each other in their effect; this is called a synergetic effect. Since the beginning of the third millennium, science has been increasingly interested in the synergetic effect of substances.

Broccoli against PMS

  1. PMS often has to do with a mineral deficiency or a nutritional deficiency in general. The Western diet contains far too few nutrients and sooner or later that will break up in life. Menopause is a more vulnerable period in the woman's life, which means that PMS complaints due to mineral deficiencies come to light earlier. Menopause symptoms can be reduced by eating broccoli. Broccoli contains a lot of iron. A 10-year study of 3000 women showed that a relatively large number of people with PMS or PreMenstrueel Syndrome are deficient in iron. Parsley, dried apricots and sesame seeds are also high in iron. It was previously known that the anti-inflammatory effect of broccoli powder also provides medicinal efficacy against rheumatic diseases such as osteoporosis, the weakening of the bones around the woman's transition period. Osteoporosis is also due to mineral deficiencies. So there are several studies leading to the conclusion that the great nutritional value of broccoli may have medicinal properties for menopausal women.

Tips for using broccoli powder

  1. Broccoli powder can be added to a soup. Try adding broccoli powder to a dipping sauce. Broccoli powder can be added to a smoothie. A glass of vegetable juice becomes extra healthy if it contains broccoli powder. In the morning you can add broccoli powder to a homemade muesli or oatmeal. Broccoli powder can be added to bread that you bake yourself.

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