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The healing power of coconut flour

  1. In 1895 people were already making coconut bread. That was given to diabetics. Coconut bread is nice and sweet without containing sugar. You can bake bread from coconut flour in combination with egg and yeast. In the 21st century, research is still being done on bread with coconut flour. And sure enough: it turns out to be helpful for diabetics. Products like coconut flour could help people with type 2 diabetes mellitus get off their medications. But somehow everyone is more confident in synthetic drugs.


  1. Naming Coconut is versatile It works against all lifestyle diseases Coconut flour reduces insulin requirements Coconut flakes better than corn flakes and oat flakes Fiber in coconut flour Gluten free Coconut is good Eating and drinking tips coconut flour


  1. Why do we use Latin words in science? Because then we know for sure which plant it is. The Latin name of coconut is Cocos nucifera. In English it is called coconut. You can buy coconut flour under the name coconut flour.

Coconut is versatile

  1. The coconut is a very versatile product. From shortening to milk; coconut powder is a wonderful way to add to dishes or cookies. The flowers of coconut can be made into sugar, coconut blossom sugar, not to be confused with gula java or palm sugar. Both sugars are a lot less unhealthy than refined sugar, but coconut blossom sugar is even more nutritious. Candy is also made from it. In tropical countries on the coast you can often buy a coconut to drink the coconut water. There are already countless options for what you can do with coconut. Now it is also becoming possible for everyone to enjoy the health benefits of coconut flour.

It works against all lifestyle diseases

  1. Coconut flour is good for the heart, against diabetes, against obesity and against cancer. These are the most important diseases of affluence. The fifth lifestyle disease is Alzheimer's. Scientists have recently learned that coconut is also effective against this.

Coconut flour lowers insulin requirements

  1. The glycemic index of products decreases when coconut flour is added. Filipino researchers saw in 2003 that if some coconut flour was put in a carrot cake or coconut macaroon, the GI value decreases. Then less insulin is needed to digest the product. The researchers think that the fiber in coconut retains the sugar longer so that it is more evenly absorbed into the blood. Blood samples were taken simply by the finger prick method. The researchers say that with products like coconut flour diabetes can be better managed.

Coconut flakes better than corn flakes and oat flakes

  1. Coconut flakes are very similar to coconut flour. In the U.S. oat flakes and corn flakes are already used for breakfast. For a study, coconut flakes were used to see if this caused a health difference. Coconut flakes and oat flakes lowered cholesterol, but corn flakes did not. Coconut flakes have a slightly stronger effect than oat flakes. Coconut flakes are now a by-product of the coconut industry, but because they are so healthy it is good to find a nutritious purpose for them. The researchers of this study believe that coconut flakes can become a functional food. Coconut flakes had a good effect on lipid oxidation and cholesterol levels. This is thought to be due to the good fats in coconut and the high presence of fiber.

Fibers in coconut flour

  1. The fiber content in coconut flour is particularly high. Fiber is also found in all whole grains. They can stimulate digestion by promoting peristalsis. Taking in more fiber has been linked to lower blood pressure. Furthermore, fibers make you feel full for longer. That way you have less need for nutrition. Therefore, fiber-rich food is recommended in obese people. Fiber-rich food is also good for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Because of the fiber, sugar is retained longer. As a result, there are fewer peaks in the blood sugar level and less insulin has to be produced.

Gluten free

  1. Coconut flour is gluten free. People with celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease or wheat intolerance can also eat this delicious flour. However, some people with irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease are less tolerant of coconut flour. While doing this, you also take advantage of the weight-leveling effect of coconut flour.

Coconut is just good

  1. In the second half of the 20th century, scientists believed that coconuts and all their products were bad for humans. It would make you fat. That turns out not to be true. You can eat kilos of coconut without getting fat. Relative novelties in food country such as refined white flour, white sugar and trans fat do make you fat. Coconut flour can actually contribute to weight management. The high fiber content makes you less hungry for fattening sweet snacks in between.

Eating and drinking tips coconut flour

  1. We don't know coconut flour through and through. That is why it is good to take some usage tips before getting creative with this tropical flour type.

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