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The healing power of colloidal gold

  1. Gold in itself is not toxic. You can find gold flakes in all kinds of drinks. It even has medicinal properties. Colloidal has been a lot of research recently. It would be a good drug transporter because the gold attaches to cancerous tumors. This enables the body to fight a tumor with less drugs. Cancer drugs are known for the severe and pathogenic side effects that every cancer patient suffers from or undergoes.


  1. What is colloidal gold? History of use of gold water Naturopathic uses Gold makes you calm Colloidal gold as a drug taxi Colloidal gold and X-rays Arthritis and colloidal gold Quality research colloidal gold

What is colloidal gold?

  1. Colloidal gold are nanoparticles of gold, very small gold particles, dissolved in water. The Latin name of this medicine is Aurum colloidal. Gold water is another name in Dutch for this natural medicine. Gold water has been a medicine for a long time. It comes from classical natural medicine. Many medicinal properties are attributed to it, but not all of them have been confirmed by science. What has been thoroughly researched is the effect of colloidal gold as a means of transport for medicines.

History of gold water use

  1. In traditional Chinese medicine, gold coins were cooked along with the rice in order to add gold molecules to the water. The same method the cowboys in the Wild West used to make coffee; they cooked silver coins to make their coffee with colloidal silver. In ancient Egypt the Pharaohs pushed for gold mining because it was an important means of updating health care. Incidentally, there are those who seek Egypt's decline in clearing the Nile of the nanoparticles of gold; this would have made people more stupid and more servile. This is a theory that is only espoused by a small group of spiritual people. In general, many peoples have risen and fell again; that is like a law of nature and in itself has nothing to do with the intake of medicines. The Romans saw gold water as an adequate remedy for skin problems. Paracelsus used colloidal gold for syphilis and leprosy.

Naturopathic applications

  1. Both physical and mental disorders were treated with colloidal gold. Gold water is said to be good for vitality, energy level and I.Q. Gold water is called an elixir of life by some people. In the early 21st century, gold water is most commonly used as a pain reliever. It is a substitute for acetaminophen, aspirin, and morphine-based drugs. Here is an overview of the most important ailments and illnesses that medical doctors heal with gold water:

Gold makes you calm

  1. One of the conditions against which colloidal gold is successfully used is depression and addiction. Colloidal gold makes you nice and calm. People suffering from depression or addiction are often restless. Gold would ensure that the stimulus transmission of the nervous system is restored. The nervous system is affected in both people with depression and people with addiction. Incidentally, it often happens that people with an addiction suffer from a certain degree of depression. Why addict yourself to drugs, tobacco or alcohol when you are feeling happy?

Colloidal gold as a drug taxi

  1. Gold particles have been an extensive field of research for decades, both in traditional natural medicine and in conventional medicine. Colloidal gold binds to cancerous tumors and leaves other, healthy organs untouched, according to scientific research. This makes colloidal gold a means of transport for medicines. There is a chance that gold water is itself a drug or enhances the medicinal effects of a drug that it carries, but that is not entirely certain. In any case, it can deliver drugs to a tumor. As a result, a lower administration of the dose of drugs is required and fewer side effects occur than with conventional administration of drugs. Some cancer experts expect that colloidal gold will be used in the regular treatment of cancer in the future.

Colloidal gold and X-rays

  1. Korean research from 2007 found that colloidal gold is visible on an X-ray machine for 24 hours. By making an X-ray the gold is reflected, so that one can trace the locations where tumors are. In this way, this natural medicine medicine may have more and more applications in mainstream medicine.

Arthritis and colloidal gold

  1. Already in the 1940s a lot of scientific research was done into the use of colloidal gold in arthritis patients. It was found that the use of colloidal gold helped, but it was diligently investigated how the medicinal effect exactly occurs. This has not led to widespread use of gold water in the 21st century. Arthritis is now seen as an incurable but treatable disease, at least by mainstream medicine. In natural medicine, arthritis can be properly cured by removing the cause of arthritis. The cause is the deterioration of nutrition which leads to physical degeneration. A surplus of toxins, for example through the use of alcohol and tobacco, also leads to arthritis. A medicinal cure will therefore have to be aimed at the liver and kidneys, which often work less well due to a surplus of waste products. Incidentally, gold foil is still used for arthritis patients but in mainstream medicine is the oral intake Source: Larryisgood, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Quality test colloidal gold

  1. Since 2002, colloidal gold is no longer available from pharmacies. This has led to a deterioration in quality. A study by Hogeschool Zuyd shows that the quality of colloidal from Dutch soil often leaves something to be desired. It's not easy to make colloidal gold properly. Sometimes the size of the nanoparticles does not match the medically desirable size and in other cases the gold water solution provides too few gold particles. The survey, which was held in 2011, showed that the companies Crystal, De radiant zon and Multiwave Healing delivered the highest quality products.

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