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The healing power of colloidal silver

  1. The cowboys in the Wild West used to always carry a silver coin that they boiled with the water when they went to make coffee. Boiling caused some silver molecules to end up in the water. People who did this had been noticed to have strong resistance. In the past, the antibacterial effect of silver water was widely known. By ingesting a little bit of silver you can stay disease-free for longer. It has a harmless but very annoying side effect; Using too much contaminated silver water can cause permanent skin discoloration.


  1. Historical usage External, not internal A harmless but nasty side effect Antibacterial effect Medicinal employability Silver water is not a hoax Side effects of silver water

Historical usage

  1. Hippocrates, a pioneering physician from ancient Greece, already recommended silver for treating wounds. Silver water was used for him in ancient Egypt. In World War II, soldiers' wounds were covered with silver foil to prevent decontamination. Colloidal silver used to be used as a medicine for syphilis, gonorrhea, thrush, epilepsy and wound infections. When penicillin was invented with antibiotics, that use faded into the background. Now that we know that penicillin does not provide a comprehensive solution, as bacteria can become resistant to it, the old courses of antibiotics are once again growing in popularity. There are various vegetable antibiotics such as garlic, onions and nasturtiums. In addition, there are non-vegetable products such as silver water or colloidal silver and colloidal gold. Incidentally, silver is a means against which microbes can also become resistant at a given moment. That is why it is good to use silver water temporarily, but not permanently.

External, not internal

  1. Colloidal silver is nowadays used externally but not so often internally anymore. Externally, it can be done on burns. The Dutch Wikipedia site is negative in terms of colloidal silver. The German Wikipedia site contains a completely different story than the Dutch Wikipedia. In Germany one sees work against viruses. The silver molecules attach themselves to viruses so that the viruses are suppressed. On Silver / Source: Unit 5, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

A harmless but nasty side effect

  1. Be careful with this drug, because it has side effects. Not that you can get a serious disease from it, but you can get a never-recovering skin discoloration. Incidentally, you have to use large amounts of contaminated colloidal silver for years to do this. But there are those who have. For the rest of their lives they look blue gray ... or actually silver. This is because contaminated silver molecules (silver chloride), unlike pure silver, do not leave the body quickly. It can build up under the skin and cause discoloration, following the same principle that creates a film of film.

Antibacterial effect

  1. American scientific research from 2013 shows that colloidal silver has a broad antibacterial effect and has a specific combating effect on some fungi. This has proven that the traditional use of silver water or colloidal silver has a useful function.

Medicinal availability

  1. There is one scientific study known that could not prove the efficacy of silver water. This is a study from Botswana which was carried out by three people and therefore not very reliable. Because it is no longer allowed to be an official medicine, it is little researched. According to users colloidal silver is effective in:

Silver water is not a hoax

  1. Despite thorough research, there are many sites on the internet that claim that the use of silver water is a hoax. In that case, this hoax has been going on for thousands of years. It is haughty to suppose that in the past people used medicinal products with no effect; they also saw that it was healthy to use silver water. The opponents of silver water point to argyria. That is the most serious side effect of using contaminated silver water. If silver water is not pure, silver chloride is formed. Silver chloride can cause argyria, but pure silver water cannot. Argyria is a nasty condition. This is a serious and permanent form of skin discoloration, but argyria has no health disadvantages. The US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine tries to cast silver water in a bad light, but as sources they use only the only scientifically recorded cases of argyria. Even this national institute is not aware that there is a big difference in pure silver water and silver chloride. Incidentally, in the U.S. Every year 10 million people use silver water and there are 239 cases of argyria worldwide in history, most of which come from the 1960s and 1970s when too much polluted silver water was made. There are tons of drugs on the market with deadly side effects that no one complains about. On the site WikiAnswers you can read that 236 people die every day due to paracetamol alone. Paracetamol is much more dangerous than colloidal silver.

Side effects of silver water

  1. With prolonged use, silver water can accumulate in organs such as the kidneys, liver, spleen and nervous system. Excessive use can lead to disturbances in the nervous system, taste disturbances, upper abdominal pain, cramping disorders and argyria or blue discoloration. It is therefore advisable to limit the use of colloidal to a minimum.

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